Raw food recipe for homemade halvah from sesame seeds and poppy seeds

Greetings to all fans to tinker in the kitchen. If you want to surprise your friends and loved ones with a delicious and healthy dessert, then right now find out the recipe how to make homemade halva from seeds, sesame and poppy without sugar. This halvah will appeal to lovers of good taste.

In addition, cooking it is not at all difficult, and the pleasure from dessert will be simply immense, because it is not a cloying and pleasant consistency.

In fact, there are many different recipes for halvah, but this one is a very curious option for combining the taste qualities of the ingredients - sunflower seeds, sesame, poppy seeds and honey.

So let's get started.

How to make homemade halva

We will need:

  • 1 part sunflower seed,
  • ½ part sesame,
  • ½ part poppy
  • a little honey


Grind sunflower seeds and sesame, add poppy seeds and honey, season with cardamom, vanilla or saffron, and cut into slices.

After that, you need to send halva in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Such halvah is nice to eat with greens. You can eat it, wrapped in a leaf of lettuce.

This recipe is taken from the book "Eco-Recipes with Taste." You can pick up its free option by clicking on the image below.

Raw food halva from seeds

And here is a detailed video recipe of live halvah, which can also be prepared at home

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Halva from raisin seeds

And another option for making homemade halva from seeds. This time, add some raisins. But look - if it is sour, then you should add some honey. And try to firmly tamp halva. Then it will not crumble.

How do you like these recipes? Would you like to eat such a raw food dessert? I think it's worth a try. And write, pliz, in the comments, what you got!

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