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Summer makeup: hot makeup collections 2016

Hello, dear friends, readers of my blog. How do you want to be beautiful, well-groomed all year round, and especially in the summer. Summer collections for makeup 2016 were prepared by all the companies that produce the most magical products.

What the French prepared

Let's look at what products for this summer offers us Chanel. The main thing, cosmetics of this company can be used on hot days, in the rain, while relaxing on the beach. High-quality makeup will remain even in extreme conditions.

Compact shadows, powder-palettes of two shades can not but rejoice. Powder is very light, has protective functions from ultra violet rays. It can be used as ordinary powder, as blush or even bronzer.

In the summer it is impossible to do without a waterproof pencil Chanel. With it you can not be afraid of water splashes while swimming. There are two summer colors - pink coral and emerald green.

Waterproof mascara is also necessary for summer holidays. This time only dark brown mascara will be released. Lip gloss is offered in all shades of purple, red, pink.

Well, how to do without nail polish? Chanel offers amazing shades, ranging from red-pink, shining chestnut, golden metallic, orange-red, to rich emerald-green color.

Well forgotten old

Dior offers for the summer of 2016 a polka-dot pattern, so beloved in the early 90s. The highlight of the collection are two varnishes, combined with each other and a tool that can be applied cheerful, cheerful pattern "peas".

Dior offers an unusual eyeliner: emerald green and purple, which keeps its eyes for a very long time, does not spread.

Four shades of powder-bronzer, possessing an unsurpassed luminescence, so will delight our fashionable women! For eyelashes released only one product, but what! Dark brown twist mascara with a bronze glow. This is perhaps one of the most curious products in the Dior collection.

Only cheerful colors

The Gerlen Summer Collection is a cheerful image, a dazzling glow with the addition of a drop of sun shine for a sparkling look, and a touch of rouge that makes a woman's face fresh and fresh.

The presentation of the famous base under the makeup of Guerlain. Now pink pearl beads are added to it, the shade of which enhances the healthy glow of the skin, hides small flaws, makes wrinkles almost invisible. The basic tool creates an excellent matte base for daily makeup.

Powder-veil for tanned look

Givenchy presented her annual summer collection of makeup, which includes the means to make the epidermis glow and tan.

The collection includes powder spray, giving the face a light tan. It is necessary to apply powder from a distance of 25-30 cm, layering according to your desire - from a light veil to a more saturated layer.

In addition, the collection presents an amazing new product - gloss-couches, giving lips a light, attractive gloss. Their composition includes natural oils that make lips soft, seductively moisturized.

French brand Lancome also offers bronzing powders, as well as palette eye shadow, bright lipstick, cream blush, pencils for eyeliner amazing colors, waterproof mascara and certainly juicy nail polish.

You made the right choice.

If we consider the assortment of "Ile de Bote", then there will be both decorative and care cosmetics for the face. There are products for body care, hair, manicure, perfumery. This luxury cosmetics, which is worth it, to opt for it. Products company "Ile de Boge" can be found in all major Russian cities.

Klarans cosmetics on the market for over 60 years, so she is trusted by thousands of women. It is created only from natural ingredients, so it is absolutely safe.

Products of this company has its own peculiarity. At the heart of each product are three colors: white, as a symbol of freshness, gold - a symbol of wealth and red - the color of passion.

If you see the red and white packaging, feel free to purchase this product. It includes extracts of herbs from alpine meadows, natural oils. Men are not forgotten either. For them, produced their own line of cosmetics.

Cosmetics from Italy

Brand Pupa long ago gained popularity among women around the world. Also, Soviet women were also happy to buy bright red packages with wonderful products from Italy.

Today in the assortment of the company "PuPa":

- line of decorative cosmetics;
- means for body care, face, hair;
- sun protection line;
- great perfumes.

The summer collection of Pupa brand again pleases us with its unusual perception of beauty, bright colors, and innovative developments.

Sensual palette

This is the makeup created by the famous Estee Lauder. This woman has created not only her company and cosmetics, she, above all, created her image, saying that there are no ugly women, there are just uncleaned women.

So, in the cosmetics from Estee Lauder for the summer of 2016 appeared 72 types of products. You will be conquered by eye shadow, including 12 paired shades with sparkling, satin and mother-of-pearl additives.

Shadows-pencil of 10 shades, from black, silvery to violet. For ease of use, the shadows will appeal to all women. They have a built-in sharpener, they can be used as eyeliner even along the mucous strip of the eyelid.

Cosmetics from the designer

Yves Saint Laurent produces real magic makeup that turns women into a charming, romantic creature. See for yourself!

The palette for eye decoration, lipstick, sparkles are made in muted tones, just in tune with the romantic image, but the varnishes, pencils are presented in bright, rich colors.

The remedy for the correction of the oval face Lauran made of 4 ebbs: pale green - masking redness, refreshing lilac, pink, giving the face a natural blush, finally, golden, adding a delicate glow to the face.

Specially for the summer season

Tom Ford has prepared new beauty products for the spring-summer season, consisting of eight colors of cream eyeshadow, six colors of eyeliners, eight new shades of lipsticks. A tube in shape is very similar to a pen.

Surprise, delight blue and emerald shades of shadows, so well suited for a tanned face. They look stylish, noble, because a slight shimmer has been added to the texture, like that of precious stones.

One of the trends was the reception - the creation of doll eyelashes. Using the shadows from Tom Ford, you can get thickened eyelashes with a steep curl. This is very fashionable!

New concept in the cosmetic world

Every day, new words and concepts appear in the world about which you immediately want to know everything. Many women hear the word "swatches", but they don’t know what it is. So, to make swatches, it means, to visually show a sample of cosmetics on the nails, lips, that is, to take a picture, then place it for public viewing. If you write a review about lipstick with "svotchom", then you will see a photo with lipstick on the lips.

In parting, I want to say. What kind of cosmetics you choose for yourself depends on taste, but the main thing is that it should be of high-quality from well-known world manufacturers, about which you have learned so much today. Is it worth saving on beauty?

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