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5 useful products for tanning

Named 5 of the most useful products for a great tan. Take this list, eat in accordance with the recommendations, and then you save the tan for a long time.

A specialist at Bristol University, Jan Stefan, conducted a study on the most popular summer topic: how to get a great tan if you don't have time or the opportunity to lie under the sun.

It turns out that for this completely unnecessary cosmetics for tanning!

Instead of using tanning or tanning, you just need to change your diet to include a few special foods.

So, what are these products for tanning?

Enough enough to eat certain types of vegetables and fruits. The effect of a light velvety tan is given to the skin by natural chemical compounds - carotenoids (these are derivatives of vitamin A - beta-carotene).

A lot of carotenoids are a large group of 600 organic pigments. They are found in many plants. But not all of them are well absorbed by our body.

Dr. Stefan examined the effectiveness of beta-carotene green, orange fruits and vegetables in the process of changing skin pigmentation. Most easily digestible carotenoids turned out to be:

  1. Melon.
  2. Carrots.
  3. Apricots.
  4. Bulgarian pepper.
  5. Spinach.

The scientist says that if you regularly eat these foods, the skin looks not only healthier, but also "browned", as when exposed to UV rays. And if these healthy products are eaten daily, a good result can be achieved in a month.

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The wonderful effect of "vegetable" tan is simply explained.

We have two pigments responsible for the yellowish tint of the skin. Melanin It is produced under the influence of UV rays (that is, in a solarium and in the sun). Carotenoids same give a golden hue to the skin without ultraviolet. But to achieve a "fruit and vegetable" tan should not be all.

Do not eat a lot of vegetables and fruits called those with problems with the liver and gall bladder.

Also, orange and red plants should be wary of allergies. By the way, carotenoids are fat soluble compounds. Therefore, a carrot or sweet pepper salad will be much more beneficial if you fill it with olive oil or sunflower oil.

Agree, an excellent list of quite tasty and affordable products. So include them in your diet, and a great tan in your pocket.

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