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Unified System of Comprehensive Health Improvement

Alexander Dedkov - The author and founder of the world's largest effective massage system - ESCO.

A few years ago, he developed the Unified System of Comprehensive Health Improvement - ESCO.

ESCO is not just health courses - it is a natural source of beauty.

Alexander turned the massage into real art, while retaining the most important components - efficiency, practicality, high efficiency, energy intensity.

He is the author of the project - “Journey for Beauty” - BEAUTY VOYAG, which is based on travel - expeditions, combined with various health programs, such as:

  • Verona course of female perfection - A set of internal and external practices leading to beauty. The result is already noticeable from the first day.
  • Eastern Wellness Course on the raising of vital energy - Do I need to repeat that a healthy person is more beautiful. And whether to adopt the techniques tried for centuries. In addition, all the proposed technology will positively affect your appearance.
  • Yoga therapy - not everyone takes the path of Yoga due to life or internal motivations, but what prevents you from finally looking at it from a different angle and hearing your body - isn't that great?
  • The best cosmetics in the world - Love. Do you agree? And how to get it? Perhaps the answer you will find on the courses "The art of being desired and unique". Any woman wants to like and when she feels it - becomes more attractive.
  • Bath traditions and tea ceremonies of the peoples of the world. You have the opportunity to experience the ancient recipes of beauty, after which the skin becomes like a baby’s and enjoys moments of bliss.

How does all this happen

[note] For referenceDedkov Alexander Nikolaevich, Professor

  • Winner of the gold medal to them. Ilya Mechnikov, "For the practical contribution to strengthening the health of the nation" (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences)
  • Winner of the platinum medal to them. Paul Ehrlich, "For special achievements in preventive and social medicine" (European Academy of Natural Sciences, Hannover, Germany),
  • Highly skilled manual therapist [/ note]

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