Keep the shape

Six rules for a slim and beautiful figure

Hello, girls and all those who are interested in the question - how to look slimmer and what you need to do. Can you achieve the perfect shape yourself?

What is a slim figure?

High growth? Slim waist? Slender legs? Everyone has their own idea about this. And at different times there were their criteria of harmony. Look at least here.

By the way, men have the same questions about what an ideal male figure should be.

And yet, there must be some criteria of harmony.

Take a test to determine the type of figure and get recommendations

Let's try to figure out what to do in order to be or at least appear like a slim girl or boyfriend. Whatever you say, a slim figure makes a younger woman of any age. Perhaps that is why we view ourselves so critically from all sides.

So, what are the right habits you need to develop in order to look slimmer and more attractive.

1. Posture.

Agree, even if a woman has perfect proportions, but if in profile she looks like a question mark, then the language does not turn to call her slim. That's why I put my posture in the first place.

Check your posture and see just one exercise for beautiful posture and shoulders.

2. Power

In fact, without a normal diet, a good figure is difficult to obtain.

There are, of course, people who can eat a lot without any harm to their figure, but more often they have to control their diet in order not to spread out.

There are different approaches.

You can choose for yourself some kind of power system and follow it all your life. Such systems are numerous: vegetarianism, raw foods, macrobiotics.

You can from time to time put yourself in order with the help of diets. There is nothing wrong with that, especially since there are diets that can be followed for a long time without any harm to health.

You can count calories, do not eat after 6, arrange fasting days. You at least try. By the way, recipes for raw foodists are very good for unloading.

If so it happened that you started your body, then you cannot do without cleansing. But just come to the purges, or as it is now fashionable to call this process - detox - without fanaticism!

3. Exercises for slim figure

Yes, exercises for the figure - this is important, and without it - no way. If you are afraid of serious loads, then adopt the Japanese exercises for women. The Japanese are not very fond of excessive movements, but they know the secrets of a slim figure that will help you to achieve a result.

If you are purposeful and active, then I recommend the most popular course today Gillian Michaels "Slender figure in 30 days".

There is 1 level of difficulty, but you can find more difficult levels on YouTube, select the one you need and study. Will not seem

You can deal with problem areas and pinpoint strikes, although it is not accepted. However, a properly selected complex will help solve a single problem - to make the waist visible or legs slimmer.

4. Massage and wraps

This is an aid. Also important. With the help of massage you can not only heal the skin, but also correct certain defects in the structure of the body.

Massage is different and you can do it in different ways.

You can go to an expensive specialist, and you can learn some tricks and do self-massage for weight loss or to deal with some problems.

For example, learning how to massage the neck is not so difficult, and this will help to solve many problems for those who have to sit at the table or computer a lot.

And if you learn to do massage jars, then weight loss and the fight against cellulite will go much faster.

Do not forget about massagers (for example, massage path) - this is a great help in the fight for a slim figure!

Wraps are a massage supplement. Wrapping is not difficult, it is only important to know which formulations and which film to use for this procedure.

5. Corrective underwear and well-chosen clothes.

Well, we got to the publication. And here is the right underwear and stylish clothes, matched to the figure, will help to hide what was not possible to work to the ideal state.

6. Sex

Yes, sex is an affordable and enjoyable source of energy. Therefore, we can not neglect them.

Sex is an indicator of women's and men's health. But our state of health also affects how we have sex.

Sexually active people are much self-confident, they have something attractive.

In addition, sex is a great replacement for grueling workouts and directly helps to achieve not only slim but also sexy figure.

I hope you found something useful here. Good luck to you!

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