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How to whiten your teeth at home: simple and affordable ways

Hello. Want to have a white-toothed smile? Learn from this article how to whiten your teeth.

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Smiling in a white-toothed mouth, you attract attention, dispose to communicate and feel confident. And if their color is far from ideal, what to do? You can choose an expensive whitening paste or go to the dentist, but this is very expensive, and the procedure can cause irreversible harm to the enamel.

There are many ways to whiten your teeth at home. What about toothpaste? Often, toothpaste can not cope with this task. For daily use, you need to apply a strengthening or repairing paste, and bleaching pastes are suitable for cleaning only 1 time in 7 days.

Folk teeth whitening methods

You can not use all the procedures that you now learn, take care of enamel. In general, to resort to any methods of bleaching is best before important meetings, or some kind of celebration, even this will be enough for everyone to remember your dazzling smile. And then to maintain whiteness, use the most gentle ways.

We are looking for acceptable folk methods. Natural products without harm can give you a dazzling smile, carefully lightening the enamel. But even with home remedies it is necessary to proceed with caution, because damaged enamel cannot be restored for any money.

The first thing many fashionistas use is soda. It will help quickly lighten the teeth. In addition, periodic cleaning of soda will help strengthen the enamel. The main disadvantage is that you can scratch the coating, so add soda to the toothpaste, and with pure soda you can whiten once a month, just do not rub too hard, always follow the sense of proportion.

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