Etiquette: how to keep glasses with drinks for a man and a woman

Hello! In order not to be embarrassed at a party from the inability to hold onto a table, let's learn etiquette how to properly hold a glass with various drinks. We learn the rules for girls, men, we will conduct an interesting test.

In which wine glasses serve wine

Wine etiquette was formed long ago. And this did not happen by chance. At ceremonial receptions, it is customary to serve different glasses in accordance with the type of drink. The "style" of the container must, in full force, disclose the taste of the intoxicating drug.

If the taste is felt with a slight warming, the glasses are served with a round thicket, which is held in the palm of your hand. The contents of the container are heated by the warmth of the hand, which allows you to feel the deepest flavor notes of the drink. If the drink should be cold, then it is poured into a glass with a thickened bottom or on a long stem.

  1. Some red wine should be slightly heated, pot-bellied transparent containers with a spherical bowl are suitable for them to clasp the palm beautifully. The leg may be of medium height. Volumes are very different: from 180 ml to 450 ml. A large vessel with a round bowl is used to feed the Burgundy and Bordeaux.
  2. White wine It is served chilled, so the glass should have a thin long leg that is comfortable to hold with your fingers. Bowl of vessels - elongated - to keep cool. By volume - do not exceed 250-300 ml.Another important difference: for white wine containers can be patterned, opaque, colored.
  3. Champagne or other sparkling wine Serve very cold, so you need to hold the container by the leg. The bowl of vessels is high, narrow, so that the bubbles do not evaporate immediately. Crystal containers are best suited in which the refracted light beautifully emphasizes the sparkling spirit of the intoxicating drug.
  4. Martini and Cinzano - fortified vermouth is not served in its pure form, and cocktails are prepared with it. Therefore, cone-shaped cocktail glasses are suitable for them. The dishes for vermouth are called “martini glass” or “vermouth glass”. Ice is put in a glass for cooling.
  5. Dessert wines poured into the same glasses as the red, but smaller volume, which does not exceed 75-100 ml. Distinctive feature - narrowing up. It can be served in liqueur glasses or cocktail containers.

Rules of etiquette

In order not to lose face in any company, let us learn the generally accepted rules for drinking alcoholic beverages, or rather, observe etiquette when drinking wine. At any gala event, containers with drinks must be served, so we need the knowledge of how to properly hold a glass of wine. Why do you need it?

Proper behavior will tell a lot about your education and not only. Knowing the rules of etiquette, you will show your respect to the organizers of the celebration, the owners, all those present.

Often, a person who does not know etiquette loses its attractiveness in the eyes of others, and in business circles may even lose confidence. Therefore, the knowledge of good manners is an important component of the negotiation processes, any special events.

If the owner himself has to open the bottle, he must also observe some rules:

  • Show guests a labelcertifying the quality and characteristics of the drink.
  • White Sparkling Wine the glass is filled along the wall for 1/3 of its volume. Such filling preserves the dignity and structure of the drink.
  • Red wine the wineglass is also filled with 1/3 capacity, strictly in the center so that the wine "breathes". Such filling will allow guests to experience its best taste as much as possible.

How not to hold a glass

  1. It is wrong to hold the container with your thumb and forefinger. This is a sign of disgust for the contents of the container, as well as disrespect for the host, guests.
  2. Bad tone when the little finger sticks to the side. If a person does lift a finger, then he will get the impression of being ill-mannered, extremely ignorant.
  3. It is not recommended to keep the cup completely in the palm of your hand. In this case, the drink is heated, and it is customary to drink it cold, and from the side this gesture looks ugly.
  4. Take a stand is not recommended. Outwardly, it looks very unsightly. For the stand it is permissible to keep only the managers of the wine cellars. And you can inadvertently knock over the glass and pour the contents on the neighbor.

How to keep a glass of a girl, man

A wine glass with wine must be taken by the leg with three, four or five fingers (depending on the volume). This technique allows you to maintain the desired temperature of the drink, does not leave ugly fingerprints on the bowl. Often, a container with red wine is partially taken by the bowl, slightly warming it.

The girl must learn to elegantly hold the bowl, it will make a nice impression on the gentlemen.

How should keep champagne glass?

A cup of champagne wine glass is elongated, narrow, the leg is thin, so it is necessary to hold the leg by using all five fingers, the index finger and thumb are kept on the stem slightly below the base of the bowl. Champagne does not require even a little warming.

Man should know, how to keep a container of brandy, because they often drink brandy. The shape of the vessel, if you follow the traditions - wide, tapering from above, on a short stem. The narrow upper part of the glass does not dissipate volatile substances, so the rich aroma is collected inside the vessel.

To enjoy the brandy, hold the vessel with your palm over the round and wide base of the bowl. It is not forbidden to hold a glass for brandy with two palms, heating the drink. So he will more fully reveal his unusual notes.

During long-term communication with a partner, a vessel with a drink can be put on the palm, and the other hand to hold the leg.

This is curious!

Watching people at a party, you can find out the character of a person.

Test, who holds a glass in his hand.

  1. If the glass is in your right hand, you are absolutely the right person! After the fifth glass this may change!
  2. In your left hand? A person often goes to the left, today is an exception!
  3. The one who pours a full pile, shows his joy for the hero of the occasion!
  4. Low drinkers pour an incomplete pile, but can drink a lot!
  5. Shy persons drink vodka when they drink, hold on to the wall!
  6. And if red is poured? These people become the soul of the company, then they drink indiscriminately
  7. Cautious people hold a glass with two fingers, because they are afraid that instead of vodka they were poured mineral water. Often they fill the glasses themselves.
  8. If a person holds a pile with his whole palm, he does not drink from small dishes.

But we all drink to the hero of the day, as if we did not hold the cup with a drink!

Dear friends, the rules on how to properly hold a glass are not complicated. Having remembered them, you will feel confident at any event.

Watch the video: How to hold the wine glass ? And other Wine Etiquette. The Perfect Pour. Vaniitha Jain (January 2020).