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How to make makeup at prom: interesting ideas

Hello everyone! There is very little time left before the prom, it's time to decide which makeup to choose for prom, so that it is the most beautiful and memorable.

We emphasize freshness and youth

Holiday parting with the school passes with a bright sad! And you are on this holiday - a young, delicate young lady, which means that makeup should be light, gentle, light.

There are special requirements for the evening image of a graduate, he should not be vulgar, and make-up age a gentle face. Therefore, do not look for samples in glossy magazines, listen to the advice of experts.

How to make perfect makeup

  • Be sure to use a tonal foundation that matches your skin tone. Try it not on the hand, but on the chin.
  • Girls 16-17 years old is better to choose a tonal tool based on liquid silicone. It is not necessary to apply forever.
  • Do not use red blush, so as not to add yourself over age. In a fashion pastel colors.
  • Apply blush to the highest point of the cheekbone.

Makeup by eye color

Whatever style of make-up you choose, you should focus on the color of your eyes.

For brown-eyed graduates

For brown eyes, you can make a brighter makeup to highlight their expressiveness given by nature.

Try to perform the following steps step by step:

  1. On the upper eyelid, from the outer corner to the center, apply a matte shade of black.
  2. From the inner corner to the center - a golden tone.
  3. Black sprinkled with lilac. Transitions blend.
  4. Connect the two centuries with black lines.
  5. Draw thickened arrows.
  6. Eyelashes cover with bulk mascara coal color
  7. Eyebrows cover with dark shadows.
  8. For lips, choose a bright coral shine.

For green-eyed beauties

Brown eyes are best for green eyes. Phased process:

  1. Eyebrows draw brown or coffee color.
  2. Eyes with a chocolate-colored eyeliner, extending to the outer corners.
  3. To the middle (under the eyebrows), put a shadow of coffee with milk.
  4. Inner corners are underlined in white pencil.
  5. Paint the upper eyelid dark copper.
  6. Exterior corner highlight the liner coal tone.
  7. Eyelashes tint bulk mascara.
  8. Apply peach gloss on lips.

Blue-eyed graduates

For blue eyes requires a gentle, light makeup.

  1. Beige shades are superimposed on the upper eyelid. Silver shadows from above.
  2. The sub-brow and inner corners are lightened with mother of pearl.
  3. Lilac shadows stand out all corners.
  4. Very finely drawn arrows in black pencil only on the upper eyelid.
  5. Lavender shadows are placed on the lower eyelid.
  6. Ink dark gray or graphite.
  7. Lip gloss with a glow of violet.

This option is also suitable for gray eyes, just take a shade of champagne instead of lavender, and choose pink shine for lips.

Makeup for hair color

If there is no clear color of the iris, then make-up is done by hair color.

Charming brunettes will enjoy the bright ocher cream foundation.

  • Blush - peach. You can color coral.
  • Shadows are applied in layers: beige to eyebrows, gold on the crease, and emerald green on the eyelid.
  • The arrows are drawn with a green shade liner.
  • Lip gloss - dark.

Blondes will only underline their charm if they make a very light makeup.

  • Beige shades are applied to the eyebrows.
  • The fold is drawn with chocolate glitter shadows.
  • On the mobile eyelid - golden shadows.
  • The arrows are dark brown.
  • Ink is brown.
  • Lip gloss and blush - light scarlet tone.


  • Powder with gold glitter.
  • Delicate golden peach blush.
  • The interstitial space of the eyelids is traced by a brownish liner.
  • The outer corner is highlighted by dark shadows with nacre.
  • Light pink shadows with mother of pearl are applied to the inner corners.
  • A bright line with silver is placed on the lower eyelid.
  • Transparent gloss creates moisture lips.

Classic option

  • Foundation for skin color.
  • Blush in pale pink shades.
  • Shadows: on the upper eyelid white, in the inner corners - dark.
  • Lengthening mascara: brown-haired women and blondes are brown, and brunettes are graphite.
  • For lips pale pink gloss.

Practice choosing different options to look like a perfect woman in a photo.

Mysterious blue color

More girls put on a blue dress at the prom. It is in such a dress is difficult to go unnoticed. But under the blue dress you need to perform a special make-up.

To add sophistication and charm to the image, stylists advise you to adhere to certain rules: a bright dress is an expressive make-up. But with a restrained color and mei-cap should be restrained, gentle.

The main features of the image in a blue dress:

  • Coloring outfit and shadows on the eyelids should not be the same tone, otherwise you will not achieve harmony.
  • But the blue arrows here will be in place.

We select the shadows in eye color

Gray-eyed graduates will benefit if they choose a blue dress for their first ball. Choose warm shades of shadows: sand, terracotta, peach, with gold.

For kareokikh beauties fit green and brown, which only emphasize the brightness and mysteriousness of the look.

Pink and peach tones are suitable for those with blue eyes, and especially smoky shadows.

Choosing shades for green eyes under a blue dress, give preference to beige, brown, beige, green shades.

How to tint eyebrows

A competent make-up under a blue dress suggests that the brow color should be 1 ton darker than natural hair.

We draw eyebrows, as on a photo:

A dark shade should be applied to the widest part of the brow, a light shade to the narrower one. Then the pencil lines are well shaded.

Subtleties when choosing lipstick

  1. If the shadow with glitter, then lipstick must also be brilliant. If you focus on the eyes, then eliminate the emphasis on the lips, so as not to get the calling image.
  2. Red lipstick goes under the makeup in a gentle style "nude".

If it is difficult to choose a lipstick, just use a pale pink gloss and you will be irresistible!

The main thing, do not forget, graduates should be elegant girls, and not painted dolls. Best prom ever!

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