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How beautiful and without pain to pluck the eyebrows with tweezers and thread

Greetings to all my readers. How to pull out eyebrows? This question is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In this article, you will see tips from stylists and cosmetologists.

Eyebrows - rimmed eyes

When meeting a lady, many men pay attention to the eyes. So, the main task of a woman is to make them attractive, beautiful, wide-open.

To achieve this success will help qualified eyebrow correction, skillful makeup. Can I learn to pluck my eyebrows beautifully? You can, if you follow the advice of experts.

How to find the right proportion of eyebrows

Of great importance is the correctly found length and proportion of the edge. Arm yourself with a mirror and a long cosmetic pencil.

  1. To find the ideal starting point of the arc, attach a pencil to the wing of the nose so that it touches the beginning of the eyebrow, crossing the inner corner of the eye. All the hairs that are behind this point, that is, closer to the nose, will have to pull out.
  2. The upper limit of the arc break is the end of the line passing from the wing of the nose through the pupil of the eye.
  3. The tip of the eyebrow is a line extending from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye. All vegetation behind this line must be removed. If she's not here, you'll have to finish with a pencil. These 3 most important designations should be noted on the skin when you select the shape of the arc. To eyebrow lay correctly, focus on these points.

If you find landmarks, then get ready for a rather lengthy procedure. To begin with, draw eyebrows on the face with a pencil, if you like the result, then choose a correction method, then proceed to the manipulation.

Just remember, the pencil can be erased, and the unsuccessful correction can not be fixed until the shape of the eyebrows becomes the same. Do not try to draw too long eyebrows, it will not decorate you.

Warning: select a time to take the time. Hurry is useless.

Watch the video: How to shape EYEBROWS at home. NO PAIN. EASY. SIMPLE. Ishita Chanda (January 2020).