Have you already decided which shoes to buy for autumn?

My welcome to all visitors of my blog! It is autumn in the yard, with its unstable weather and torrential rains. At this time, it is important to know which shoes to buy in the fall so that your feet are dry and warm.

Autumn fashion

Such a variety of styles and colors of shoes, as in the season of 2016, it is difficult to imagine. Designers have tried to improve the mood in these autumn days, releasing fashion trends. They created not only comfortable, but also stylish shoes.

What colors are most popular? Of course, black as coal, brown, wine-colored, burgundy, snow-white. Particular attention is paid in 2016 socks. It is highlighted in either color, or detail, or size.

A new trend - the decoration of products with fringe, zippers, metal buckles, rivets. Do not go out of fashion shoes that look like rubber, as well as on the tractor sole, on the platform or with a low steady heel.

Fashionistas again pay attention to the shoes with a pointed or round nose, richly decorated with buckles, clasps, chains, laces, side elastic bands.

Girls choose

The extraordinary things of bright colors, two and three at once, generously decorated with decorative elements and prints, will suit the young girl. The material can be very different: patent leather and soft leather, fur, suede, even knitwear or guipure.

The season leader again became varnish boots. They can be made of patent leather entirely or with inserts.

The popularity of this beautiful material can only be compared with the popularity of reptile skin.

If you pay attention to things from this skin, then choose with straps around the ankle and an unusual shape of the heel to be the most fashionable modern girl.

Shoes in a woman’s wardrobe

A woman can pay attention to the Chelsea - incredibly fashionable autumn shoes. How is it different? They have a round nose and rubber inserts on the sides.

Thanks to these inserts, shoes are easy to put on and take off, which is what ladies of all ages appreciate.

Desert or motorboats

In the fall of 2016, do not get around your rough shoes, put on a flat sole or low heel. Due to some massiveness, they just emphasize the fragility of their owner. What to wear it with? Incredibly stylish, these models will look with delicate dresses in flowered jeans, boyfriends, as well as with classic trousers.

Deserts can be either on a flat sole or with a small heel. These fashionable suede shoes have a round nose, lace, rubber or leather sole.

Motoboats are another incredibly popular shoe without a heel. They are worn with jeans and a leather jacket.

No boots - it's cold!

The most suitable option for the fall is the boots, whose leg reaches to the knees. This type of shoe is comfortable, warm and fashionable. It is advisable to choose boots made of genuine leather, without unnecessary details. Although young girls can afford more extravagant things, such as boots, boots. Bright, shiny boots to the thigh are sure to attract attention. You can choose boots saturated colors: orange, purple, sand, even blue.

The hairpin is back in fashion

Stylish, fashionable shoes with heels again gained popularity. In a fashion not only a steady high heel, but also a thin hairpin, and, the higher, the more fashionable. Her triumphant return will delight not only women, but also men. After all, they are so fond of folding the neck on the heels of a heel!

But high-heeled shoes should not be flaunting in snowy weather, despite the fact that the designers attached a high sole to it. By the way, this autumn they give the sole the most bizarre forms, decorate with patterns and everything that is possible.


Such a transparent heel can change any image. Inside it can be hidden a beautiful flower or an unusual color element.

Shoes Fall-Winter 2016-17

It is difficult to single out favorites, but shoes will be in fashion:
• With a pointed nose were the favorites of fashionistas in the early 2000s, but after 16-17 years, they again took their place on the podiums of the world.
• Despite the fact that many women prefer wide-heeled shoes, the studs are back in fashion.
• Do not go out of fashion boats. This fall, all the shows feature elegant velvet pumps.
• In the women's wardrobe there must be a pair of men's shoes. These are brutal brogues, loafers, monks or derbies. This men's shoes can be worn even with dresses, and not just with jeans.
• For those women who do not tolerate routine, designers have prepared shoes on sculpted heels in the form of cones or trapezoids.
• Low-heeled shoes are presented on almost all catwalks of the world.

Shoes for all seasons

This is a product of the Danish company ECCO (Ecko). The main features of this shoe are comfort, practicality, quality and functionality.

The lining of the products is made of a material that absorbs moisture and passes air, which makes it possible for the legs to feel comfortable. The sole is made of a material that bends well and is absorbed, thereby reducing the load on the spine and joints.

ECCO shoes are so comfortable that you can not wear them out, for fear of blisters, and immediately get out of the box and wear!

Designers - for men

The most important thing for a man in shoes is quality and comfort. However, today the trend has changed, men also want to wear beautiful, fashionable things. In the current season there are several trends. As for the colors, shoes of black and brown colors are gone. Men are offered products of different colors.

Key Trends 2016

Sports style - goes well even with a classic wardrobe.

Deserts with a variety of colors for a long time will not go out of fashion.

Chelsea leather and suede almost unchanged, only increased their color gamut.

Classic presented all the fashion houses of the world.

In 2016, the classics began to have brighter colors and a more diverse texture.

Boots in fashion again. Brutal high heels will be in demand again this winter.

Dear friends! We expect such a variety of shoes for the autumn that we can only choose the right one for our wardrobe.

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