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How to wash terry towels so that they remain soft

Hello! Why do some terry things get tough? This question worries many housewives. We will reveal the secrets of proper washing. There are simple techniques that reveal how to make terry towels soft after washing. About them today and tell.

How to restore the softness of towels

By purchasing a terry towel, we hope that we will bask in his fluffy pile for a long time. But unfortunately, after several washes, some products lose their initial fluffiness.

Why are towels tough after washing? Terry cloth consists of a pile, which is a tiny loop. It is these loops that give it elasticity, softness, and make it possible to draw water into it.

If you properly care for the hygiene item, the villi will not lose shape, and any thing will remain with the same gentle nap as on the first day of purchase.

Causes of fabric stiffness:

  • improperly chosen products;
  • too hard water;
  • improper washing and drying.

Stages of proper washing

What if hygiene items become tough? The answer to this question is obvious: you need to properly care! What can be done at home? To remove strong pollution, it is necessary to soak in an acetic solution: 15-20 ml of vinegar per 1 liter of warm water.

If washing takes place in a washing machine, then:

  • separate white towels from color;
  • fold the terry cloth into a mesh bag so that they do not touch the washer drum;
  • do not wash the wet, not dried thing, in order to avoid stale smell;
  • Do not use bleach, which will necessarily give the terry fabric rigidity;
  • When choosing a detergent, powders such as Tide, Ariel and other advertised products should be avoided. The powder particles will be clogged in the fabric fibers, giving it unnecessary rigidity, use “Weasel”.
  • Add 9% vinegar - 150 ml of vinegar per 10 liters of water to the conditioner compartment.
  • use balls to break up terry thread or foot massager. Balls with spikes will not allow the fibers to stick together.

How to choose the best tool

The best detergents, these are gels that do not linger in the eyelets, are easily rinsed out. Things with heavy pollution should be washed with laundry soap. Lather the stain with soap, leave for 3-40 minutes, then rinse, then put in the machine.

If the stain does not respond, wet it with ammonia, then rinse the product, then wash in the selected mode.

How to choose a mode for washing

Not every program is suitable for this process. The required water temperature for terry products is 30-40 ° C. You can turn on and 60 ° C, if the label does not prohibit this temperature.

Much attention is paid to the spin. The optimal number of revolutions - 400 revolutions per minute. If you use a faster spin, the loops of the mat will stretch greatly, lose their shape, and therefore will not perform their functions.

Do not use washing modes with insufficient water. The mahr must be saturated with water so that all the fibers of the fabric are stretched.

A large drum load will also not contribute to quality washing. Enough to load 2/3 of the drum. Well, if you hold three rinses, then all the hard things will become soft and gentle, because the fibers get rid of detergents.

How to use rinse

How to make soft terry products? Be sure to use rinse conditioner to restore the fabric structure. (Just do not pour a lot, the amount is not the best way to give softness to terry things). After using a quality air conditioner, your hygiene products will become soft and fluffy.

Pay attention to the air conditionerSilicone should be included. After the whole process can be rinsed in a solution of vinegar. Acetic solution also gives softness to the product.

After a good rinse turn to drying:

  • Shake them well before hanging the towels so that the loops take on their original shape.
  • It is not recommended to dry in direct sunlight. Mahra becomes so tough that it is difficult to restore it to its former state.
  • Towels should be posted in a well-ventilated place. The breeze will improve the condition of the fabric, relieve it from the remaining moisture.
  • It is impossible to overdry products, it will lead to sticking of eyelets.
  • If it is not possible to dry in the open air, then the best place to dry is the bathroom, where the air is always slightly humid.
  • If there is a tumble dryer, then the towels are dried there.

Should I iron the terry towels? No, ironing is not recommended. Instead of the iron should use the steamer.

How to restore a towel?

How to soften a tough product:

  • The best way is to mop up again by following the above recommendations.
  • To soften the water, use hand-wash capsules or tablets for washing machines.
  • Hold the product in a solution of ordinary salt for about 40 minutes. This procedure will help to finish the eyelets on the fabric.
  • After salt water, squeeze the product by hand, shake, hang to dry.
  • Another way to achieve fluffiness is to soak overnight in plenty of cold water. In the morning - rinse, then dry. Clean water will remove detergent residues leading to coarsening of the fabric.
  • A good option is to use a steamer. The flow of hot air will return the loop to its former shape.
  • Soften the towel will help soaking in the solution: 1 l of water to put 1 tbsp. l salt, pour 1 tsp. ammonia. Soak for 2-3 hours. Then rinse well.
  • Returning the softness of old towels will help soaking in brine for 20-30 minutes. Salt - 1-2 st.l. 5 kg of laundry can be added during washing to the powder compartment.

Dear friends, useful recommendations - how to make terry towels soft after washing will always come in handy. Good luck!

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