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Ideal weight and its performance

When they talk about the balance of nutrition, about the right diet or overweight, they like to reinforce their arguments with numbers. At the same time they like to talk about the ideal weight and about the calorie content of products.

But in fact, calorie foods - this is just an intermediate indicator in the calculation of proper diet. And we need the right diet in order not only to LOOK, but also to FEEL yourself in the best way.

How to calculate weight correctly?

Before proceeding to a more thorough consideration of how to correctly calculate the ideal weight, that such and other related issues. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the weight of each person is individual: he is curled by gender, height, age.

Let's start with errors. Do not drive yourself into the framework imposed on us from the screens. After all, there is no secret that ideals are the opinion of a certain circle of people who do not take into account the following factors:

  • Genetics.
  • Specialization
  • Social level
  • Activity.

Undoubtedly, rich, intelligent and beautiful people tell us about life from screens. They look their best, but this is their job.

They constantly look after themselves, go to the gym, sit on diets and spend a huge amount of time and effort on this to look luxurious.

Thus, you need to find your correct weight, which will take into account all everyday and genetic factors. How to do this, read below.

How to calculate weight for your height?

Probably everyone since childhood knows the Brocca formula - we take our height (in cm), subtract 100 and get the correct weight in kilograms.

For this there is the following formula:

  • Formula for men.
    (Height in cm - 100) * 0.9 = weight
  • Formula for women
    (Height in cm - 100) * 0.85 = weight

An example of how to calculate the correct weight using the formula:

Your height is 170 cm, then we get the following - (170 - 100) * 0.85 = 59.5 kg. This will be your required data.

Also note that you should not ignore the physique. After all, everyone has a certain predisposition to obesity. In some people, excess fat appears immediately after 1-2 kilograms of fatty foods. Others can constantly eat fatty foods and stay thin. And the matter is absolutely not in growth, but in the very structure of the body and its ratio of muscles to fat.

Body types

In reality, our weight is formed from genetic indicators. This is the reason for the existence of three body types, namely:

  1. Asthenic body type.
  2. Normostenic body type.
  3. Hypersthenic body type.

In order to determine what type of physique, you need to take measurements of the circumference of your wrist.

The size of the circumference of the wrist, in accordance with the physique:

For girl: The size of the wrist is 16 cm or less typical for asthenics, and from 16 to 18.5 cm belong to normostenik. Anything over 18.5 cm is hypersthenic.
For a man: The size of the wrist is less than 17 cm in asthenics, and from 17 to 20 cm in normostenik. More than 20 in hypersthenics.

Once your body type has been recognized, you need to use a formula to calculate the required weight, which is right for you. After all, if you discard all genetic traits, you can calculate your normal weight on your height.

Normal weight with age

Please note that the formulas that are applied as standard do not take into account the fact that in young people the weight may be lower by 5-7% of the figure, and in the elderly it is more by 10-15%. These factors depend on human physiology.

As you know, in old age people gradually gain weight.

Thus, if you want to know the approximate weight for you, then it suffices to use the above formulas. And, if you need to know your exact normal weight, then you can use the tables, which contain the ratio of height-weight-age.

The table of calculation of the ideal weight based on age

The weight in the table is indicated at the maximum limit. It is also worth noting that the weight also has permissible values ​​of 5 kg on either side.

Body mass ratio to calculate ideal weight

Doctors, nutritionists, and some other specialists in nutrition and healthy lifestyles can try to digitize our sensations using formulas and figures, so that in addition to the mental sensations of our health and appearance, we would also be guided by numbers.

We have already discussed Brock's formula and its modifications - we take our height (in cm), subtract 100, and get the correct weight in kilograms.

Then doctors and nutritionists rejected this method of determining the correct weight, or rather, complicated it mathematically, and now this formula looks like this:

body weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.

We obtain the coefficient of body mass - the same indicator that should be responsible for everything connected with the figure.

For women, the normal rate is considered to be indicators from 19 to 24. For men, ideal indicators are between 20 and 25.

If you know your height and weight, you can now calculate your body mass index (BMI). Put your performance in this online calculator and see the results.

How to interpret BMI?

The more BMI, the higher the risk of occurrence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease. A very low rate of anorexia. From the point of view of doctors, people with a good BMI live longer, and people with an increased BMI are at risk.

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