As a woman choose a hobby depending on age and hobbies

All my greetings! A hobby for women is an interesting and useful topic, which will help many of my readers from a dozen offers to choose what you find interesting, and perhaps bring a good income.

How to take free time

Most of the women are busy with work, family, children. All this takes almost all the time, but each housewife sometimes wants to do something for the soul. And for many women it is important that the occupation was both useful and profitable.

So how do you choose a hobby? Consider the types of activities.

  • Needlework;
  • Cooking;
  • Gardening;
  • Sport;
  • Creation;
  • Intellectual occupation.

The most accessible occupation is Crosswords. You can not only solve crosswords, but also invent them yourself. A useful hobby is pair guessing, for example, speed. Take Japanese crosswords, where words are not encrypted, but pictures.

Photohunting - One of the most exciting activities, and you can earn good money. Photos of excellent quality will always be used. What are the directions of photohunting? New directions appeared - lomography and freezelight.

Lomography - when the frame is arranged so that you get a blurred image or superimposed one on another.

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