Can you trust your intuition? Take the test

Hello friends! How about checking your intuition? Do you know that intuition is the very sixth sense that every person initially owns, but in our materialistic civilization it loses and begins to lose this feeling from childhood. Also, education is applied in order to unlearn how to trust intuition as quickly as possible.

But a person with a developed intuition will never get on a plane that can crash, never buy shoes that will tear the next day, and will not spend a lifetime on boring work for meager wages and will never choose a friend or companion betray or deceive.

So everyone should go through this intuition test. Take a pencil and go ahead.

Questions to the test

1. Beloved man suffered a meeting with you, his excuses seem to be a hoax. How do you feel this?

  1. The story is confused and confused (1)
  2. False issues gestures, frequent gestures, touching the nose, mouth, etc. with your hand (2)
  3. I feel the heart (3)

2. Has it happened for you in a few seconds to understand that the phone is about to ring, or to know in advance who is calling you, without having picked up the phone yet?

  1. No, I never guess the caller (1)
  2. Sometimes I can anticipate that the phone will ring, but know in advance - who, I can not (2)
  3. Yes, I almost always know who is calling me, even without looking at the phone (3)

3. Has it ever happened that you, without giving yourself this report, continued the phrase for another person?

  1. No, I do not interrupt the speaker until he finishes his thought (1)
  2. Sometimes I guess the end of a sentence correctly (2)
  3. Yes, I always manage to predict what the other wants to say (3)

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4. You went on a date. A friend asks to describe the man. How do you do this?

  1. I will describe his appearance: eye and hair color, height (1)
  2. I'll tell you what he said, did, without inventing anything (2)
  3. I will, first of all, tell you how his character seemed to me, focusing on my feelings (3)

5. You were asked to explain some unfamiliar concept. How do you do this?

  1. I will not explain, just show in the dictionary (1)
  2. I will explain everything in detail, as I understand it (2)
  3. I will ask leading questions so that the person himself guessed the meaning of the word (3)

6. Imagine that you have entered a new job. How to determine who in this team is an informal leader?

  1. The leader always behaves relaxedly (1)
  2. Usually, the leader is listened to and not interrupted (2)
  3. The leader will sit on the most convenient place (3)

7. Do you often get scared when someone unexpectedly comes up to you from the back?

  1. Yes, it is easy to frighten me in this way (1)
  2. It happens, but rarely. If I am passionate, I will not notice who has entered (2)
  3. Often I feel with my back that someone has entered, and immediately turn around (3)

8. Does it happen in your life that all your relatives advise you to do the same, but you do it in your own way and you are right?

  1. Once, having made such a decision, I was seriously mistaken, and now I try to listen to advice (1)
  2. I will listen to the advice of loved ones (2)
  3. Yes, I always make decisions based on my feelings (3)

9. In the room you "lost" keys or mobile phone. How fast can you find it?

  1. No, I never lose the right things, because I can always tell where they are (1)
  2. I am looking for a long time, even if they are visible
  3. Fast, sometimes in unexpected places (3)

10. Do you sleep well?

  1. I have a very deep sleep, so it’s hard to wake me up (1)
  2. I am very sensitive and can wake up from any rustling (2)
  3. In general, I sleep soundly, but sometimes I wake up even because of a weak sound (3)

Test results

Scored from 21 to 30 points

It should be borne in mind that intuition is your subconscious that captures many things before the mind. You have good intuition and usually do not analyze the situation, but simply “know” how to act, and this is essential support for you in life.

However, it is impossible to rely only on intuition, it can be wrong: you felt one thing, but suddenly the situation changed dramatically, but your intuition didn’t have enough of it, and you made a mistake.

Therefore, it is useful to draw up long-term plans, periodically ask the subconscious the exciting questions, write down what ultimately led to. And you will see how accurate your feelings are.

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Scored from 11 to 20 points

You are a person with good intuitive abilities, but at the same time you do not believe in them, because you are trying to interpret any situation from the standpoint of logic and cold facts. And even if the intuition simply “wails” into your ears, that you are making a mistake, you will try not to hear it.

For example, believe that your loved one has changed you, even if your heart says otherwise. In order for your intuition to manifest itself in full, you need to abstract from the flow of thoughts, cut off logic, focusing only on internal sensations.

Intuitive answers can be obtained without asking questions, but asserting something. That is, instead of the question: "Should I do this?" It’s better to make a statement: "I need to do this."

Any statement that does not correspond to true intuitive knowledge will give a bright feeling of internal resistance and negative, which, accordingly, will immediately indicate its falsity.

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Scored to 10 points

Your intuition is still "asleep" for some reason. In a difficult situation, you are forced to rely on the facts or opinions of others, which increases the risk of mistakes. However, you can get intuitive answers from the external environment.

To do this, you need to ask a question and “release” it - the answer will come itself, and you will certainly recognize it (call each with the necessary information, get an article from the magazine - there are various signs). But in parallel, you need to try to develop intuition, learn to tune in to yourself. The more we are closer to our feelings, the sooner such a state will occur, in which it will no longer be necessary to ask questions - the answers will come themselves.

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