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The secret of the youth of Japanese women - facial massage Zogan

Hello, dear women, all those who do not want time left marks on their faces. That's why this article is about how to properly do a Japanese face massage with Asahi or Zogan.

About massage technique

Massage is performed on the skin richly lubricated with cream or oil. The cream should be in sufficient quantity so as not to injure the skin and cause wrinkles. Massage can be performed every day.

To get started, watch a video with Russian voice acting on how to properly perform a massage.

And this article will help you remember this facial massage. Asahi massage in pictures.

If you regularly practice easy-to-use technique that Japanese women use, then you will look 5 or even 10 years younger.

Japanese face massage from Alena Sobol

You can see another version of this massage, which is very popular in the network. He is shown and commented by Alain Sobol. See, choose which option suits you best.

Which oil should you use for massage?

For massage, you can use a mixture of oils like this:

  • 100ml flaxseed
  • 100ml sunflower
  • 100ml olive cold pressed
  • 30ml burdock
  • 30 drops of sweet orange, juniper and ylang-ylang essential oils
  • 20 ml of oil p-ra vitamin E 5% (solution of vitamin E in cosmetics under the order - a constant component in the manufacture of creams).

Before applying to your face, check the oil mixture for the sensitivity of your skin: drop a few drops on the back of your hand, and wait 10-15 minutes. If redness does not appear: you can use on the face.

After the massage, the oil can not be washed off (and in general, you can use it instead of cream) - after 10 minutes, it is completely absorbed and you can go outside.

If the oil is not absorbed - it is desirable to remove the remnants of a napkin. By the way, massage should be done on a cleansed face, that is, remove makeup and clean the skin before the massage.

How massage works.

The key feature of this massage is not just donating the lymph to the lymph nodes, but forced cleaning of the lymphatic and blood vessels, activating the proper operation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue) the point is not that we remove excess lymph from the face, but that the body produces fresh one in its place.

With a massage, we remove stagnation in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and get more fresh nutrients for your face, hormones, lymphocytes, turn on the body's self-regulation.

As a result of such regulation, absolutely ALL pathological phenomena are gradually neutralized. Not only wrinkles get toned and muscles are passively pumped up, but also nerve endings are stimulated - new reflexes are formed.

You begin to move those muscles of the face, the existence of which had not previously suspected.

At the same time with the muscles, we also activate the bioactive points of SHIATSU, which are mainly located on the bone. Without directly clicking on them, however, during a face massage, we use them, sending information to the brain about the renewal and improvement of the cells of our face and skin in particular.

Soft stroking and rubbing of the skin (as many mistakenly believe, just watching the video, and not understanding Tanaki San's explanations in Japanese) we will not achieve this.

How long should this massage be done?

If you stop doing this massage, then everything will return to normal. The face will return to the kind that was before the massage.

As the author of the massage says: This massage with regular use is like brushing your teeth. If we do not want bad breath or problems with teeth, then we brush our teeth at least 2 times a day.

If we do not want to prematurely grow old and look older than our years, we do a “STRUCTURING FACE” massage (this is how the word ZOGAN is translated from Japanese).

Note. When performing a massage, you need to put your fingers together - they should be one. Make sure that the face does not cause pain. In those places where there is excess body fat, a slight soreness may appear from the pressure.

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Watch the video: Do Japanese Massage Every Morning, See What Happens to Your Face (January 2020).