Lovely and kind! Congratulations on March 8!

It always happens so - in congratulations on March 8, they begin to sing the unusual, beauty, kindness, tenderness of women. What is there to dissemble, the way it is, and this day - it is like the birthday of a woman - is just another reason to remind all women how important they are in this world.

Watch and listen to an amazing parable about the creation of a woman performed by Ivan Okhlobystin

Yes, she is such a woman - she can work 18 hours a day and not get tired, she can hug so that any pain will pass.

A woman is both weak and strong at the same time. A woman can find the strength that can surprise a man. It is only necessary to motivate her a little, to provoke curiosity in her - well, so that it would not be boring, and then she can do this)))) See for yourself!

She can laugh when she wants to cry. She can smile when she is scared. She will help another when she herself needs help. Only her glance is capable of doing what a man cannot do.

And this is all about a woman, ordinary, cute, funny and pretty ...

I wish everyone - the most ordinary and unusual, but so desirable and cute to feel the love of their neighbors. I wish on this day to receive tons of congratulations on March 8, let them speak you with poems, give them compliments and shower them with flowers.

Dear, dear, beautiful! Please accept my congratulations on March 8! Just feel happy this day! Break away from worries, forget about diets, about the fact that you owe someone and something.

Remember the parable, which was at the very beginning, and learn to appreciate yourself. Just try it!

And then even the most blind can not replace the treasure that is next to them! And let these flowers bloom only for you!

Watch the video: Congratulation from Rihtor - With a holiday on march 8 - Lovely ladies! (January 2020).