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How to visually enlarge lips with makeup

Hello, ladies. Plump, sexy lips that give women a special charm are in fashion, and so many are looking for ways to increase their lips. In addition to the "beauty shots" there are many tricks with which you can achieve the desired effect. Let's see how you can visually enlarge the lips with makeup and cosmetics.

Zoom technique

Many women with thin lips have already studied the art of makeup that can make any sponge plump. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to perform a certain technique.

So, how to increase lips with makeup.

1. First, apply the foundation to make up longer. The excess should be blotted with a napkin, then give the basis of 15 minutes to dry.
2. To powder.
3. Circle the upper lip with a light eyeliner, from the corners to the center, without drawing a hollow on its top. The eyeliner needs to be drawn so that it is 2 mm beyond the contour. The area between the lip and the liner should be shaded. For this fit white pencil with mother of pearl.
4. Take a pencil for eyebrows, put a few strokes under the lower lip, shade them.
5. Take a flesh-colored pencil, draw your natural mouth contour (with a top hollow) and paint all your lips with it, shade it.
6. Apply a lipstick of light shades: dark lipstick makes the sponge narrow.
7. Then shine a light shade: it will give the desired volume. Let them say that shine is not in favor, it just helps lips to look plump.

This is how you can add bulk to your lips, but this makeup does not last long.

How to increase lips with makeup

This video shows a lip augmentation method with cosmetics.

Watch the video: 5 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR LIPS LOOK BIGGER! Rachel Leary (January 2020).