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The powerful magical meaning of Celtic patterns: Celtic amulets

Hello, dear friends! The ancient world consisted of many civilizations that have their own culture, but for some reason the culture of the tribes, which were called the Celts, is especially valued. Celtic patterns today are very popular. They are revered as powerful amulets. What is so attractive patterns of ancient tribes?

What we know about the Celts

The Celts are a nation that lived on the lands of Northern Europe in the years 500-250. BC era. They settled large areas of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, some lands of Northern France. The ancient Greeks dubbed them the Celts.

Warlike people easily captured the lands of others, delivering an endless series of problems to their neighbors. Interestingly, they fought naked, with only a sword in their hands. And for them the glory of the hunters behind the heads of their opponents was fixed, which they hung in full view.

The Celts were not only desperate warriors, but also virtuoso artisans.

Since their residence, there are almost no monuments of their culture left, but archaeologists manage to find jewelry and famous Celtic crosses, attracting with intricate patterns that never break off.

The ancient people did not believe in the finiteness of life, people were convinced that a person dies an infinite number of times and comes to this world again. For centuries, scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of their symbols, but one thing is known - they have a powerful magical meaning. Therefore, if you decide to make a tattoo, you need to apply lines with the utmost precision so as not to harm yourself.

The types of ornaments are striking in their diversity, and each drawing has a special meaning, endowed only with its characteristic miraculous power.

Attention is drawn to the look of the ornament - a labyrinth, where all the threads go to the center, which means the human soul is perfect, and the circumference denotes the unity of Heaven and Earth. On closer examination, you can see 3 spirals that form a triangle or triskel - a symbol of the unity of the three elements: Air, Water and Fire, as well as joy and well-being.

Studying the textures of the threads, one can distinguish between figures of animals and birds, each image has its own meaning:

  • the heron embodies vigilance,
  • partridge - trick,
  • pigeon - love, spiritual development,
  • snakes - wisdom, healing powers, keepers of secret knowledge,
  • the hare is a symbol of comfortable life, immortality, but also deception,
  • fish - a sign of disapproval.

Magic of celtic symbols

It is difficult to unravel the mystery of the patterns of the ancient people, to find out what their intricacies mean.

And the disappearance from the face of the earth of an amazing people haunts historians of all times. But contemporaries inherited a valuable legacy - mysterious Celtic patterns.

The famous Book of Kells was created in the year 800. The medieval manuscript is lavishly decorated with exquisite miniatures and ornaments.

Today, the symbolism of the ancient people is used as an amulet or charm, made in the form of pendants, rings, necklaces.

All the patterns of the Celts - this is not a banal pattern, each has its own meaning and meaning. Below are the thumbnails of the original images.

The Celtic Cross is of profound importance. It is believed that he gives wisdom, saves from the influence of dark forces, is a sign of Celtic Christianity.

The fragile butterfly personifies the soul, the rebirth to life and change.

The tree of life without roots is depicted in the form of hands reaching for the heavens. The symbol meant the unity of the three worlds: the next world, life on earth and in heaven.

The heart is applied by one uninterrupted line, is the personification of the union of two loving souls.

The trefoil (triksel) possesses powerful protective forces from evil people, damage, the evil eye, brings money and luck in undertakings.

Attention! When applying a tattoo, the pattern itself can not be changed, supplemented, so as not to harm the fate. The thread of life is given by the gods. Around you can make additions horseshoe and other signs of prosperity.

The spiral of the Celts is always triple. It means eternity, continuous spiritual growth, harmony between body, spirit and mind.

The Celts believed, if you choose the right ornaments, you can change your destiny.

Male and female tattoos

For men, it is better to choose the one that personifies courage and decisiveness. For example, dragons mean power, strength.

The Celtic dolphin is the guide of the soul to the sacred islands, the protector of travelers and sailors.

The powerful symbolism of the Celtic cross can be applied to the arm or back, both girls and men.

Deer means prosperity, masculinity, nobility. The reindeer were revered as a sunny animal and personified with a rebirth of the soul. He throws off the horns (the tree of life), then new ones grow on the spot of those thrown away.

On the forearm, you can put the image of a fish - a sign of higher wisdom. And also a clover with 4 sheets - a sign of faith, love, hope, good luck. It can be supplemented with money, horseshoe.

For girls fit the image of a dog - a symbol of loyalty, caution. The dog will protect from all unkind and evil.

Girls love making butterflies on their legs or shoulders. Image treatment: revival after the hardest life changes. This is a sign of readiness for new life, new victories, just as a gentle butterfly is freed from its cocoon.

Hare brings prosperity, abundance, health, adds strength to young mothers. On the shoulder and forearm can be made a color image of these characters.

Female tattoo in the form of a Celtic horse brings beauty, gives indomitability, vitality, secret knowledge.

The image of a lion is very popular, it carries the powerful energy of a royal and courageous animal.

Men wear a lion tattoo on their neck, back, shoulder, and ankle. Women are also not averse to making a beautiful lioness for themselves by decorating the drawing with delicate flowers.

The lion carries the most powerful energy that the image transmits, both on the body of a man and a woman.

If a lady does tattoos in the form of a lioness, then she emphasizes loyalty to the family, to a loved one, motherhood, female magic, and care for her relatives. Women put a tattoo on the neck, collarbone, wrist, leg, scapula.

Celtic knitwear

If knitting is your hobby, then boldly create unique warm things for yourself and your loved one. Men's things look especially beautiful, giving the stronger sex even more masculinity and nobility.

For a men's sweater, you can take a thick yarn. See a simple knitting example where two types of eyelets are used: purl and facial. The pattern is obtained by displacing the facial loops on the panel, which is connected with the wrong loops. The pattern shifts symmetrically with respect to the vertical and horizontal lines that pass through the center of the circuit.

Due to the crossed looping of the loops, the desired ornament is obtained.

See how the Celtic pattern scarf originally looks!

How to draw celtic knot

To join the culture of the ancient people, you can learn to draw with a pencil a real Celtic knot.

We will learn to draw on points. Step by step master the simple technique of drawing.

  1. From the points we make a square 4 × 4, that is, 4 points in width and 4 in length. So we get a large square, where there are 9 small squares.
  2. In the center of the small square (each) we put on a large dot.
  3. In the corner squares draw lines from the central big mark to a small point, heading towards the center.
  4. Then around the resulting lines draw "petals", as in the bottom figure.
  5. Next, draw another 4 inner, more rounded "petals".
  6. Then we make a braid of 4 bands inside. Look clockwise, you will see that each lane will lie one level below the next.
  7. Now add the central weave.
  8. To make the picture look more natural, create shadows.

Harder to do Celtic braid. Take a piece of notebook in the box, draw a dotted line on two lines, as shown in the figure.

Then from the outer line at the top of the diagonal line to the center of a long line, and down - a short one.

Then draw another layer of pigtails, heading towards the center.

Next one more layer.

Finishing the picture, the "pigtail" should converge in the center.

All braid ready!

Weaving by ancient patterns

Today, more and more people are fond of weaving protective knots. What are they needed for? The knot consisting of a continuous loop is a charm from dark forces, and also spirits who try to make the way from other world. An ancient powerful amulet can help save love, protect from unhappiness, unpleasant events, from difficulties. It helps to overcome obstacles, to cope with the disease. Helps to enhance the best qualities of their owner.

Creating a charm, program it to help yourself, put a piece of your heart into it. It can not be given, only inherit.

See how to make weaving - "Celtic love knot."

A love knot is an amulet that people for many centuries trust their most secret feelings. He has no ends, which is considered the best talisman of love, the loyalty of two lovers.

How to tie love knots? Starting weaving this amulet, remember that the exchange of these things is equivalent to the exchange of wedding rings.

This weaving can be taught to children. A child can weave friendship bracelets from ordinary floss, and adults can use stronger materials, even leather.

Look at the photo, which shows a detailed weaving of beads.

You can make a magic knot according to the following scheme:

Good luck node

Tie pendant mascot, which is sure to bring you good luck!

The weaving scheme is very simple, every needlewoman can easily learn it.

Good luck pendants

Celtic rings have come into fashion all over the world. The women's ring can be made of ceramic, metal, bone and stone. They will serve as a talisman.

Dear friends, you have learned a lot about the ancient culture of the Celts. This knowledge is valuable in that it enriches our knowledge of the culture of nations that lived many centuries ago, and also helps us apply them to improve our lives.

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