6 effective exercises for the buttocks and thighs

Buttocks and thighs are perhaps the most problematic areas for girls. A sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work are the most common causes of fat deposits in these areas. Be sure to do these effective exercises for the buttocks and thighs, which can be performed independently at home.

How to change the shape of the buttocks

American fitness trainer Kim Lyons will show you these six exercises that will help make the ass beautiful. Do not ignore these exercises, even if it seems to you that everything is in order. To change the shape of the buttocks and make the ass elastic, give training for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week, keep yourself in shape!

1. Get up on your socks

Keep your legs slightly wider than shoulders, keep your back level. Take a position half-sit, hands on hips.

Rise on socks, after - fall on heels.

Exercise useful for knee joints, shakes the external muscles of the legs and buttocks.

2. Raise the pelvis in the slope

Take the position of a half-squad, the feet are completely adjacent to the floor.

Lean forward and rest your arms on the floor.

Begin to raise the buttocks upwards on the extended legs, lower to the former position (half-seated).

Exercise treceiving muscles of legs and buttocks.

3. Taking the legs forward from the squat

Do shallow squats.

When straightening, lift the left leg so that the heel “looks” to the right.

The next squat - raise your right leg, so that the heel "looked" to the left.

Haveexercise exercises the muscles of the legs and makes the legs slim and fit.

4. Squats with hands behind head and hip forward

You do squats, holding hands the lock on a nape.

Standing on your extended legs, bend your left leg and lift your knee as high as possible. The next squat - raise your right leg.

Exercise trains the muscles of the buttocks and transverse abdominal muscles.


5. Swallow

You do squatting, after on the extended legs bend forward, leg, lifting, take back. this way your body assumes a T-shaped position (the body is parallel to the floor).

6. Raise the legs with a support against the wall.

Make a shallow squat, lean back against the wall. In this position, start lifting your legs one by one (remain bent).

The proper squat technique from Kim Lyons

Sit on half-bent legs, hips are parallel to the floor, feet tightly against the floor, knees should be at the level of socks. During the squat, it is important that the back remain flat, do not tilt the upper body forward and make sure that the heels do not come off the floor.

Watch the video: 5-Minute Butt-Firming Workout (January 2020).