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Moles - dangerous and non-dangerous on the body of an adult

Good health to all. Many readers are interested in the topic: "Dangerous and harmless moles in adults on the body." Indeed, the topic is important, as with our stressful life, moles can easily turn into substandard tumors. Read to the end, and you will learn how to avoid it.

A lot of birthmarks, happiness or trouble?

Doctors say that there is nothing good about the abundance of these growths if you do not follow them. The mole itself does not pose a threat to life, but if it begins to grow, penetrate deep into the dermis, then a cancer can appear in its place.

In medicine, they came to a common opinion: if a person has 20 or even more condylomas on his body, he can get a dangerous melanoma in the future.

These benign growths can be everywhere, even on the palms and soles of the feet. They can not be cut, burn at home, drag.

When a mole, or, medically speaking, nevusgets under the belt or bra straps, that is constantly irritated, then it must be tirelessly monitored.

Dangerous and safe nevi

Signs of pathological moles

These growths on the body are always round, when some of them changed the configuration, it became asymmetric - this is an excuse to run to the doctor.

The edges of a normal mole are always clear, in pathological melanomas, the edges lose their boundary and merge with the skin. Sometimes at the borders there are jags, growths, the epidermis around them reddens, flakes, itching. In this case, visit a doctor immediately.

Non-pathological mole

It has a uniform brown or light - bronze tint. During rebirth, education begins to acquire red, black, purple, white color, or several shades are immediately visible on it.

Pay attention to the diameter of the nevus, with its increase, reaching more than 6 mm, immediately go to a specialist.

To make it easier for you to remember the symptoms of melanoma, a unique reminder called “ACORD” was invented, where each letter corresponds to the first letter of dangerous signs:

  • A - asymmetry;
  • K - edge;
  • O - color;
  • P - size;
  • D - dynamics.

Factors affecting the appearance of pathology

  1. Do your closest relatives have skin cancer? Be especially careful as you are at risk.
  2. The sun's rays can affect the formation of malignant cells. Do not get carried away with tan, especially from 10-00 to 16-00 hours. On a walk, when working outdoors, protect your body from the direct rays of the hot sun.
  3. If a nevus rubs clothes, gum, that is, it is subjected to mechanical friction, then there is a high probability of its transformation into a malignant one. Removal in the clinic is the best way out of this situation.
  4. Constant exposure to chemicals can lead to the formation of melanoma.

How to protect yourself from skin cancer

  1. Inspect growths frequently, with any color changes, diameter without delay, consult a specialist, even if you do not feel itching or burning. With an immediate appeal to the oncologist, recovery is guaranteed by 98%, with the average stage of melanoma - by 60%, with 3 stages - only by 30%.
  2. Protect your body from burning sunshine. Sunbathe only in the morning and evening, when the sun is not too aggressive. Dark formations attract the sun's rays, causing rebirth to a malignant melanoma.
  3. Remove condylomas only from an oncodermatologist. The doctor will check the removed tissues, find out if there are any abnormal cells in it.
  4. Watch for bumps on the body, from which hair grows, they often become cancerous.

A variety of condylomas and types of moles

They are convex, flat, round, oblong, "on the leg", nodules, smooth, rough or hanging.

What do healthy warts look like? Nevi with smooth edges, with a diameter of not more than 0.5 cm, painted evenly are considered safe. But when even a seemingly healthy birthmark itches, grows, changes color, immediately contact a specialist.

Benign angioma

If there are red moles? Red birthmarks most often appear on the body of a child, but there have been cases of occurrence in adults. Doctors consider them not dangerous for health. And in children they can either appear or disappear. These formations do not require treatment.

If there are a lot of red spots, this is a signal to what you have:

  • liver problems;
  • lack of vitamin "K" (menadione);
  • autoimmune disease;
  • oncology;
  • diseases of the digestive tract, pancreas;
  • changes on the hormonal background;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

When a small part of the body is covered with red specks (6 or more), do not treat them yourself, but consult a doctor to stop the course of the identified disease.

Maybe it's papilloma

Many people are worried about hanging warts. To make the right decision about their removal, the doctor must decide: this is a mole and papilloma - a viral disease.

The danger of hanging growth is that it begins to interfere, you can accidentally tear it off. In this case, it is better to remove it with a laser, scalpel or other methods, which exactly, the attending physician will decide.

If, however, you have torn off this growth, take it to a doctor so that he sends it to check for cancer.

Black bad moles

Black nevi differ from all others only in color, which is a feature of the human epidermis. The risk of rebirth in melanoma is quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to follow: if the birthmark is scratched, the structure began to change or gray or red shades appeared, then this is a signal that the prerequisites for the development of melanoma appeared.

Are convex nevi dangerous?

According to doctors, bulging growths are the most vulnerable education. Their danger comes down to the fact that due to the bulge, as well as a rather large size, they are always at risk.

They are easy to catch, injure, and for them, even the smallest scratch is very dangerous, because it can lead to the development of epidermal cancer. To not worry about them, they should simply be removed.

Condylomas have chosen the back. What to do?

Neoplasms on the back require special attention, since you can not notice the dangerous transformations: you will not look at your back every day.

If you are the owner of a neoplasm on the back, then do not bask in the sun, try not to injure him with clothes, ask the household more often to examine the nevus. At the first signs of rebirth, referred to above, immediately go to the doctor.

Convex mole in the most prominent place

Convex condyloma on the face is particularly suspicious. First of all, it spoils the appearance, and it is also difficult for the doctor to choose the method of its removal.

If you remove it with a scalpel, then there will be a scar. If radiosurgery is used, then it is applicable to small formations. The laser remains. But the laser does not give a 100% guarantee for a favorable outcome. Only the most experienced surgeon can select the best removal option.

Consequences and complications

After the removal of ugly bulges, there may be consequences depending on many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • condyloma sizes;
  • experience, skill of the expert;
  • quality of medical equipment and drugs;
  • the response of the human body to the operation.

After the procedure, a wound remains, which is covered with a black crust. The crust can not be otkovyrivat, she must peel off. If it disappears ahead of time, a bleeding wound will open, into which bacteria can invade, then serious inflammation will occur.

Avoid complications, treat the wound with a pinkish solution of potassium permanganate. Be patient, do not go to the bath, sauna, do not take a bath.

It will take 2-3 weeks, you will see the area of ​​fresh epidermis, which is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so protect it with a bandage.

If you accidentally knocked the bulge, you should immediately stop the bleeding. Take a sterile bandage, moisten it with hydrogen peroxide, attach it to a bleeding condyloma. Then take a dry swab, attach, try to stop the blood.

The next day, immediately go to the oncologist, grabbing a ragged mole. According to medical statistics: approximately 40% of malignant tumors occur due to accidental injuries.

Treatment of dangerous moles

Before treatment, each patient undergoes a diagnosis, a tissue biopsy. Nevus treatment is only removal. If the tumor is not completely removed, then the melanoma may reappear.

Is it dangerous to remove a mole? That is what is said in the video.

Scientists have created the drug "Refnot", which has been successfully tested. New drugs, Ipilimumab and Nivolumab, have appeared, which can stop the growth of cancer cells for 1 year. With complex treatment, the size of the tumor is much reduced.

Traditional methods of treatment

Try absolutely safe treatment: cut off the dry bread spikelet, lightly prick the mole with its sharp part, a wart. After that, bury the straw in the ground, and leave the top of the spikelet on the surface. When the straw rots, then the mole disappears.

In the article "How to remove a wart," find a recipe for treatment with a green apple, so as not to repeat here. Lubricate nevi with castor oil, linseed oil, as well as lemon juice, onion, garlic, wipe with iodine, hydrogen peroxide, soda. Effective celandine juice, lubricate education 2 or 3 times a day before getting rid of them.

Prepare ointment based on celandine. Get the juice of this plant, mix with baby cream in proportion: 1 part juice and 4 parts cream. Lubricate problem formations 3-4 times per day.

In parting, I want to say: if there are doubts, and you suspect that you have dangerous moles, then it is best to show yourself to the doctor, follow all his recommendations. Health does not return, if you miss the precious moment.