What to do and how to console a crying person with words

Hello! When a person who is nearby is crying inconsolably, I really want to console him, but how to do it? Therefore, the topic: "How to console a crying person" will be useful to all readers of the blog. We will look at how to calm mum, girl, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Offer your help

Seeing a crying person, it’s hard to find the right words to stop sobbing. What to do? The very first thing to do is ask and offer your help. If a crying person wants to speak out - do not interfere with him, let him say, so you better understand what help he needs.

  1. Sometimes words have no action, in this case having embraced, keep silent, just be near. Perhaps even your presence will help stop the flow of tears. Be sure to tell me that you can rely on.
  2. If a person burst into tears at all, then take him aside, then try to find out the cause of the tears in order to find a way out of the situation together.
  3. Say: "Here, take a handkerchief or a napkin." Sometimes simple participation will help bring to life better than any words.
  4. Do not prohibit crying. After tears, there is often real relief. Emotions need to be released so that the sobbing does not fall into depression.
  5. If you are asked to leave - leave, but do not lose sight of the person. Perhaps he just does not want this at the moment, and such a request is a defensive reaction. When leaving, say: "I will leave, but if my help is needed, know that I am near!"
  6. If a familiar person cries, then you can hug, stroke on the back or shoulder. Perhaps he is waiting for just such participation. Ask directly about this, do not hesitate. Then discuss what happened. If he does not mind, then together find a way out of the situation.
  7. If a stranger cries, do not force to tell about your problem. Just stay close, then he will reveal himself. Listen carefully and act according to circumstances.
  8. Switch attention, telling about yourself how you have experienced a similar situation.
  9. Do not try to immediately solve his problem, give time to recover.

If a girlfriend cries, what to do

With a girlfriend, we often share our sorrows, worries, even more than with mom. Therefore, it is difficult to observe how a close person sobs.

Reassure her friend and easy and difficult at the same time! What do you do? First you need to listen, distract, cheer. Then show the situation from the other side, for example, if a guy left, it could be for the better.

If you are not heard, then give a sedative or spend the evening with a glass of wine. The main thing - listen to her, then try to find a way out of the situation.

If a friend is silent, let her shut up. Stay close and she will talk. Just do not talk about your problems, she is not up to them. Remember how a friend found a way out of any situation and continued to live life to the fullest.

If the girlfriend calmed down a bit, laugh together over the problem. Humor always brings balance, but do not overdo it so as not to offend!

How to act a guy

Each guy more than once got into a situation when it is necessary to calm a crying girl. Before taking action, find out what happened? Often the girl begins to act up to get her. Your business is to respond or not. Want to indulge the whims, then apologize, buy what he asks. The provocations will continue.

If something serious happens, then first hug her, wait a little in that position. It helps a lot, because the girl will feel protection and reliability.

Then listen to her, try to calm her down with words.

  • Look at her problem optimistically, tell me that everything is not so bad.
  • Suggest a resolution option. If you yourself do not know how to "solve" her problem, still make it clear that a solution can be found.
  • Make it clear that she is not alone, she can count on your help.
  • If you are far away, keep in touch with her, making it clear that she is not alone.
  • It helps a joint walk around the city or going to the cafe.
  • Hugs, kisses, declarations of love - a powerful weapon against sobs.

How to calm a crying guy

Men cry very rarely, but sometimes a tear can roll out of their eyes. How to calm the guy?

Show tact, do not make fun of his condition, so as not to hurt the male ego. Hug, be gentle, do not leave in a difficult moment.

Do not feel sorry for the guy, not to make him helpless. Pity can cause an attack of despair, inflict new pain. Just do not let him know that the cause of the tears is known to you and everyone around you.

Find the words to give faith that everything goes on as usual, life goes on and you will find a way out of the situation together. The main thing is to make it clear that you believe in his abilities and willpower.

If this is your favorite person, tell him about your love, without asking unnecessary questions, just shut up, hugging him. If you know how to solve the problem, give your opinion.

Tips for men

Men often face hysterical wives. There can be so many reasons that a man cannot foresee everything. What should he do to comfort a sobbing wife?

Women often cry during pregnancy than put her husband in a real dead end. Do not worry, the advice of psychologists will help to cope with any hysteria.

It is noticed that men love to soothe a crying woman. In this case, they feel strong, almost omnipotent. (If this does not happen often). If the wife starts crying at the first opportunity, the husband stops paying attention at all. An intelligent woman can manipulate her husband, but also knows when to stop.

If a serious moment has arrived, it is imperative that you reassure your wife. The first thing that a husband should do is to hug his beloved, then find out the reason for the flow of tears. Having found out the reason, to find words, maybe to make fun of her problem, a real man will always find the right solution.

The hardest thing to see the tears of the mother. Often, in order to reassure mom, you just need to hold her tight, press her to your heart. Mom will immediately feel your love and your need. Then you should ask about the problem.

If you were to blame for her tears, then ask forgiveness and do not act so as to bring mom to tears.

And how to comfort a small child? The experience of one young father will be useful: he always carried a colored ball or an amusing toy in his pocket. As soon as the baby began to cry, he distracted him with a bright thing.

You can also watch the video, how to properly support a person in such minutes:

Dear friends, the problem of how to calm a crying person will disappear by itself if you show sincere participation and apply the given advice of psychologists.

Watch the video: How to Comfort Someone Who Is Crying (January 2020).