Do the exercise. The golden rooster is standing on one leg to restore balance in the body.

Hello to all my friends! We continue to learn Chinese medicine for health promotion. Today we will learn how to do the magic exercise: "Golden Rooster on one leg."

Do not let the brain grow old

In order to achieve non-aging of the brain, preservation of clarity of thought, Chinese practitioners have come up with a very valuable exercise that has been used by the Chinese since time immemorial. If you do this exercise, then to old age, maintain excellent health.

Pearl of Great Price

And not otherwise Chinese medicine calls the exercise: "The rooster is standing on one leg." When a person has excellent health, all his organs work correctly, but if a stagnation in the canals is formed, then health fails.

To return the correct flow of energy in the body, perform this simple but effective exercise.

What happens when you do it? It turns out that on the foot of the foot there are 6 channels of the six most important organs. So they normalize the whole body.

How to perform the exercise, so that from him was a great benefit to health?

Stand up straight, bend one leg at the knee. Raise the knee, remaining standing on one leg, as long as possible.

At the same time close your eyes. The eyes can not be opened in any case, so as not to help maintain balance.

With eyes closed, the brain does not follow the vision, but instead directs all its strength to restore balance in the internal organs. This is how healing happens.

Stood on one leg, then stand on the other leg. At first it will be very difficult to hold on.

Stand for 6-8 seconds, then start to increase the time, bring it up to 3-5 minutes.

Shift the center of gravity from foot to foot more often to restore energy flows. When the energy flows are restored, the energy will move freely throughout the body, bringing it health. The benefits of exercise, not only for health, but also for maintaining a young appearance.

With a long run:

  1. Helps with dizziness, tinnitus, loss of balance.
  2. In case of malfunction of the hypophysis
  3. Helps to improve memory, brain function, removes headaches.
  4. Due to the movement of blood and qi energy to the legs, there is an improvement in the patient's condition in osteochondrosis, hypertension, radiculitis, and diabetes.
  5. It is useful to strengthen the immune system, as well as those who have freezing feet.

Details on the benefits of exercise

Many people suffering from pressure surges drink pills, spend money on them. It turns out that in order to normalize it, it is enough to devote quite a bit of time to stand in the “Rooster” stand.

Practice can be applied even after a stroke. But in order to feel better health, the exercise must be performed daily, in succession for several months.

By the way, performing this action, you can learn about the state of your health. Exercise is easy to get young and healthy. So you will notice an improvement in your condition by the duration of the balance.

If you stand on one leg for only a few seconds, then this is bad! So you have serious health problems. This practice will be especially useful for you.

Be persistent. Having lost your balance, do not stop. Your task is to stand on one leg for a total of at least a minute.

Starting to stand again, continue to count from the point at which the action was interrupted. For example, you counted up to 3 seconds. Read the second time since the 4th. Do not start the action with the second leg, until you finish with the first.

If you could not keep your balance for a second, do not despair. Just type a total of one minute of stability on one leg, and then one minute on the second.

Do this practice at the same time, preferably in the morning. With regular exercises, you will begin to hold the balance for 2-4 seconds, and then much longer. Just do not leave classes, very soon you will notice that the state of health began to improve.

On the left or on the right?

Are you better standing on your right leg or on your left? The unequal time speaks of an imbalance of yin and yang.

Your task is to learn to stand a total of the same time on each leg.

Just do not strive to pay attention to the "weak" leg more than the strong. As a result of training, the difference will begin to level off.

Eastern healers are advised to do the exercise on the grass barefoot, so better aligned with Yin and Yang.

It is not scary if those six points that are on the sole respond with a slight pain. This is cleared channels.

The pain will gradually disappear, this will mean that the canals have been cleaned and their corresponding organs began to work correctly. You kept the balance on the floor, Yin and Yang - in the body.

Strengthening the kidney canal

China's ancient medicine believes that the kidneys contain such energy that nourishes the entire body.

To run it, you need to perform an exercise every day, or you can “Golden Rooster” several times a day. With it, you improve the condition of the kidneys.

Why are kidneys weakened? They are weakened by anxiety and fear. By acting on the kidney canal, you will get rid of these symptoms.

Signs of a weakened kidney:

  • Low back pain
  • Noise in ears
  • Loose teeth
  • Hair loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Frequent bone fractures.

Who is not recommended to do the exercise? There are few contraindications:

  1. With strong thrombophlebitis or varicose veins
  2. In acute diseases of the joints.

What are readers talking about?

If you look at the reviews of readers, we can conclude that the oriental method really helps. Someone appeared focused, disappeared absent-mindedness.

Someone forgot about cold feet, and someone has ceased to feel their age.

By the way, you can determine your biological age. Stand on one leg, place the heel of the other leg on its side, close your eyes. If you stood 30 seconds, then you are only 20 years old. If 28 seconds - then you are 28 years old, 18-seconds - you are 50 years old.

Dear readers! I think this practice is an excellent incentive to reduce biological age and improve health. Practice!

Watch the video: Hip Stability and Balance Exercise (January 2020).