Fitness at home

Homemade exercise on fitball

Hello everyone. Probably, you think, in order to improve your silhouette and strengthen your muscles, you will have to buy home exercise equipment of various types and dumbbells? Not at all, one ball is enough, but big. What is a fitness ball, how to choose it, fitball exercises and to whom they are intended, what health problems will help to cope with, you will learn all this from this article.

Sports for the whole family

Fitball was invented by physiotherapists in Switzerland, and initially it was created not at all as a fitness trainer: it was supposed to be used for the rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries and diseases of the central nervous system. But he very quickly migrated to gyms and became a favorite sport for women, men, not to mention children.

Who can practice on the ball

  • With poor posture, to strengthen the press,
  • With a problematic spine,
  • During pregnancy,
  • After childbirth,
  • With the loss of joint mobility,
  • To improve blood flow,
  • With varicose veins.

Due to the balance, a unique projectile develops the vestibular apparatus, strengthens all muscle groups, even those that are not involved during other workouts.

With regular exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, you will achieve strengthening of the muscular system, which means alignment of the spine.

Due to the elasticity of the ball, the spine is unloaded, the metabolism and blood flow are improved, which leads to an improvement in the work of all body systems. In older people, the work of the heart system is getting better, the mobility of the joints returns.

For women with diseases of the genitourinary system, the simulator will help to get rid of them forever. But to achieve excellent results will help training on the right ball.

Which ball fits your size

How to choose a ball for fitness? This is the first question that interests beginners. After all, with an overly large ball, you will fall down, and a small projectile will jump out from under you. To prevent this from happening, choose a fitball with spikes or with ears.

The first way to choose the right projectile:

  • Sit on the ball;
  • Legs set in front of you, straighten your back;
  • The knee bend angle should be 90 degrees. The ball should not be too high under the weight of your body.

The second way. The size of the ball can be selected by the person's height, using the table:

  • With growth less than 1.52 cm - 55 cm
  • From 1.52 to 1.64 - 65 cm
  • From 1.64 to 1.8 - 75 cm
  • From 1.8 to 2 m - 85 cm.

Those who have a lot of weight should purchase balls marked in English. It is an abbreviation of BRQ or ABS, meaning anti-rupture function.

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Solution of the inflation problem

How to pump a sports ball? When buying it in the kit may not be a pump for inflation. What to do? Take any pump and adapter that fits into the hole of the projectile, then pump it up to a comfortable deflection.

Sometimes the ball begins to descend, but not through frequent use, but through a puncture. At home, you can glue it with a rubber patch. Rubber will also stretch well with the continued use of the fitball.

You can glue the patch using the "Moment" or silicone glue. After sticking, put something heavy in place of the patch, hold for 24 hours. After this period the fitball is ready to work again.

Perform a set of exercises for the back, and you will forget that she once hurt. Choose exercises for weight loss and you will easily lose those extra pounds. Many women have achieved tremendous success. The main thing is the regularity of the classes, only then the exercises will have tangible benefits. For six months you will be able to lose up to 5 kg of excess weight, get rid of many sores, improve your posture, improve your mood.

Projectile advantages

The advantages include:

  • The opportunity to study at home at any convenient time;
  • Takes up little space;
  • It helps to work out not only the superficial muscle tissue, but also the internal muscles;
  • Supports the internal organs better than training in the gym, better running and other sports

Fitball: projectile or chair

A very interesting invention is a fitball instead of a chair. Sitting on this projectile, you involuntarily straighten the back, trying to keep balance, as a result there is a strengthening of a variety of muscles. Without even noticing, you are improving your health.

For weight loss, such a chair is also suitable. Sitting at the computer, you not only do the work, but also lose weight. True, great!

Choosing a similar chair, pay attention to its quality. Sit on it right in the store, make sure that there is a right angle between the thigh and shin.

If you didn’t see it, choose another projectile, because during the exercise the load on the joints will be too large. And the benefit from a fitball will be when the locomotive support device is unloaded.

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Elasticity ball for fitness

The degree of stress on all organs and joints depends on the elasticity of the ball. A more resilient projectile will require a lot of effort from you; on soft fitball you will get minimal loads.

How to check the elasticity? Press the simulator with your hand: a hard deflection will be 1-2 cm, and the average indicator of elasticity is 2-3 centimeters.

Fitball exercise

Finally, I would like to wish you a successful purchase of a unique ball in order to improve your health without leaving your home.

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