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How to wash kitchen towels to become as new

Hello, hostess. Every woman knows that tea towels are the most dirty. But not everyone knows how to wash kitchen towels so that all stains disappear. Read the article to the end - we will show you different ways how to get rid of even old stains on towels. Will be like new!

Fragrant towels - kitchen decoration

A beautiful, clean kitchen towel will decorate any interior of the kitchen, as well as be an indicator of the accuracy of the hostess of the house. But every woman knows how difficult it is to keep this accessory in excellent condition.

The objective of this article is to suggest the correct washing options for this item at home.

1. Salt

With salt solution. In 5 liters of water dilute 5 tbsp. spoons of salt. Soak the contaminated specimen for 1 hour, then wash with the addition of powder.

2. Laundry soap

Grease stains on colored and white fabrics without boiling can be removed in a very simple way. Take the laundry soap (at least 72%), soap a greasy stain, put a towel in the bag, leave until morning. In the morning, wash and get the cleanest product.

3. Sunflower oil

The best helper is sunflower oil, however strange it may sound. If the towels are very dirty, with strongly ingrained greasy stains, then washing with vegetable oil will help them to return their whiteness.

Prepare a washing solution: for 6-7 l of boiling water add 2 tbsp. spoons of powder, sunflower oil, soda and bleach. Place the contaminated specimens in the mixture.

Let them lie down until the solution cools, then transfer them to the washing machine, start the desired wash cycle.

Oil softens fat well, so it is easily excreted.

4. Hair shampoo

Fruit juice stains are removed with hair shampoo. Wet them with shampoo, hold for 1 hour, wash in a washing machine or by hand.

5. ammonia

If dirt does not give in to ordinary washing, then use soaking for 1 hour in a solution of water and ammonia (1: 1). If it does not help, prepare the following composition: ammonia and glycerin (1: 4).

6. Silicate glue and soap

White products will again become white if you prepare a unique mixture consisting of 1 tbsp. a spoonful of silicate glue and a bar of soap, then boil all the dirtiest products in it for 30 minutes.

7. Dishwashing liquid

Remove greasy dirt from white accessories, restore colored products to the original state, and dishwashing detergent helps. Soak in water solution for about 24 hours, then wash in the usual way.

8. Vinegar

How to wash away heavily soiled kitchen accessories from mold? Vinegar will come to the rescue. Soak the products for 10 minutes. in acetic solution (5-9%). To get rid of the smell of vinegar, wash and rinse well.

9. Citric acid and soap

How to remove the old stubborn stains from the sauce, beets? Wash with household soap, then rub them with citric acid, hold it on the cloth for 5 minutes, rinse it with lead and dirt, as not happened.

10. Hydrogen peroxide

Fighting old dirt on kitchen textiles can be hydrogen peroxide. Soak the product for half an hour in the solution (1 l. 2 tbsp.), Then do the usual washing.

The secret of washing from Japanese mistresses

The ancient Japanese recipe is useful to our women.

  • In a bucket poured water, a temperature of 60 degrees.
  • 2 tbsp added l sunflower oil,
  • Pour 1 tbsp. mustard powder,
  • 1 st. l vinegar.

In the resulting mixture is put textiles. The bucket is covered with a lid. After 12-13 hours the products are removed. Further, Japanese hostesses rinsed them 4 times, alternating between cold and hot water.

Folk remedies

Our great-grandmothers used their folk remedies.

Potassium permanganate

It is very easy to remove old stains with potassium permanganate.

5 liters of boiling water:

  • Pour in 10 drops of dark pink solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Put half of the chopped soap bar of household.
  • Put in this mixture textiles, hold for 12 hours, then wash.

The method is good because apart from bleaching, it perfectly disinfects.


Our grandmothers rescued the method with salt:

  • At 5 liters of boiling water.
  • Requires 3 tbsp. salt,
  • 2 st. l peroxide.

In this solution, towels should be kept for 5 or 6 hours.

Lemon acid

Harmless way:

  • Juice 1 lemon or 1 bag of citric acid.
  • For 1 cup of water.

To moisten a towel, to rub spots. Fold in a plastic bag for 3 hours, tie. Wash in the usual way.

Boric acid

Bleaching with boric acid:

  • Soak the textiles with soap
  • Put in a bucket of hot soapy water,
  • Add 3 tbsp. spoons of boric acid.
  • To sustain 4 hours, after that washing in the usual way.


Whitening soda:

  1. In the container for washing powder pour 4 tbsp. l soda, wash towels at 95 °.
  2. In the hot water pour detergent, add 1st. l soda ash, soak textiles for 3-4 hours, shift for washing in a washing machine.
  3. In a tank for 10 liters of water, add chopped bar of soap and 2 handfuls of baking soda. In this solution, boil already washed products.

Reader methods

Reading the reviews of our hostesses, you can find something useful for yourself. For example, from one woman we learned this way of getting rid of stains without boiling.

  • On a bucket of water
  • Half a bottle of 0.5 means "Mole".

Soak the textile for a day, occasionally turning it over. The result is clean, fresh towels with no unpleasant odor. You can believe and try.

Reviews of bleaching with oil confirm that it not only washes stains, but also keeps the color of textiles.

But just a recipe, proven life:

  • 10 liters of very hot water.
  • 100 g of powder.
  • 20 g of bleach (whiteness for cotton).
  • 2 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil
  • In this solution, soak for several hours.

Many women bleach with mustard without subsequent washing, only rinsing:

  • On a bucket of hot water.
  • A packet of mustard.
  • Let stand 2 hours. In a turbid liquid folded textiles, hold for 3 hours.

New method of struggle for the whiteness of kitchen towels

Washing in the microwave is something new! And you try it! Dampen a towel, lather with soap, it can be household, wrap in a cellophane bag, put in the oven, turn on for 0.5 minutes. All the result is obvious!

Dear hostesses, find your way of bleaching and enjoy the results!

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