Apple test - what is your personality

Hello, dear friends. There is one interesting test. Go through it again to learn a lot about your personality. So, the test with apples.

How to get out of problematic situations

Apple will help you! I wonder how it will help? Look at the pictures, then select your apple image, then read what you have in your life and act.

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Sometimes life is filled with such chaos that you can guess at what to do in this situation. If at such moments you can trust a person who will listen to you in a friendly way, support you, not reproach, read instructions, then it is great!
And if there is no such friend, then the command "FUCKING" will tell you in which direction you should go. Of course, the apple test is joking, it will not be able to answer all your questions, but maybe it will be the clue for further progress in life.

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And now, choose an apple, perhaps this is a hint to your torment!

First apple

You are an open and straightforward person, you can always say what you have in mind.

It is better for you to tell a man the bitter truth than a sweet lie.

But you are not evil, but on the contrary, a person with a good soul, do not hide evil on others.

You are pleased with everything in life, even the smallest trifle. You do not worry without a reason, so it is easy to tolerate both ups and downs.

Your fruit is firm, juicy, as if recently picked from a tree.

Second apple

You do not have the energy and strength, you are full of both. Due to the cheerful, bold character, you never get bored, love to participate in intrigues, love adventures, enjoy the unpredictable events. Because of this, you can easily find adventure on your head.

No matter what, you had the good fortune to taste the sweet apple in caramel, flavored with chocolate and nuts.

Third apple

You are the real soul of the company, it is comfortable to be with you in any situation with you, since you do not have an optimistic, cheerful attitude to life.

In addition, you are endowed with the gift of persuasion, than you deserve the trust of others.

Next to you all calm, comfortable. So, do not hesitate to take a delicious slice of apple pie with a crispy crust, which feels warm, such a sweet aftertaste.

Fourth apple

You are such a reliable person; you can lean on your shoulder in any situation. Your thoughts are sober, you firmly stand on your point of view, have your own outlook on life. Speak little, think more and be silent, so people take your calm for shyness.

Thanks to these qualities, you attract people to yourself, they are ready to pour out your soul before you, because you are sure that they will be listened to and supported. With such a person, you can fire and water. Which delicacy will give preference? Of course, hot apple punch!

Fifth apple

Joy and light come from you, so with you everyone feels at ease, lightly.

You like adventures, so adrenaline in your blood just overwhelms you!

Everything is important to you: taste, sound, smell, look. You are ready to take everything from life and even a little more. Well, drag hot pancakes straight from the pan!

Sixth apple

You have a well developed sense of intuition. You are a witty, insightful person, and your savvy works for one hundred percent!

You are not a very talkative person, but if you are attacked, then it’s impossible to speak you up!

I must say that your intellect is developed perfectly, and the sense of humor is at its best.

Agree, a rare coincidence! Friends appreciate you for these qualities, but you don’t really want to become the soul of the company. So, you get a glass of apple wine with extremely tasty, but expensive cheese.

Dear friends! You can not take the test too seriously, but when you gather with your friends at the New Year's table, it will give you a lot of fun moments, and maybe give an important hint.

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