Reasonable food

Do you eat right

How to eat? Nutritionists claim that if you use those foods that you need in your diet, you can lose weight and maintain a stable weight throughout your life without any extra effort and diets. Problems with extra pounds most often occur due to improperly selected food and imbalance in the diet.

This test will help determine which type of food is right for you. So, you need to honestly answer 7 questions.

Answer 7 questions about your diet.

1. Which of the following foods are predominant in your diet?

BUT. Flour products and desserts0 points
B. Meat and Dairy Products1 point
AT. Fruits and vegetables2 points
R. Total in moderation3 points

2. How many foods are missing in your diet?

BUT. I have no exceptions, I eat absolutely everything0 points
B. 2 - 3 products1 point
AT. 5 - 7 products2 points
R. More than 10 products3 points

3. What type of diets do you most often use?

BUT. Starvation0 points
B. Fractional nutrition, I eat little, but often1 point
AT. Fruit and vegetable diet2 points
R. I do without any diets3 points

4. Which of the following foods most commonly cause you to have an upset stomach?

BUT. Spicy, spicy or fried foods0 points
B. Lots of fruits or vegetables1 point
AT. Dried or raw meat2 points
R. Unusual food for your diet3 points

5. For what reason do you deny yourself certain products?

BUT. If my doctor does not recommend using them0 points
B. You do not like their taste1 point
AT. If they have too many calories 2 points
R. If you consider them harmful to your health.3 points

6. Without which products could you live a day?

A. Meat products and dishes from them0 points
B. Bakery products1 point
B. Soups and broths2 points
G. Fruits and vegetables3 points

7. What organs or systems hurt most often?

A. Gastrointestinal tract0 points
B. Cardiovascular system1 point
B. Frequent headaches2 points
G. Nervous system3 points

Check test results

Count the number of points you scored and compare them with the test results.
If you score from 0 to 4 points
Your diet is absolutely wrong.

All your health problems are associated with the lack of a clear diet and a balanced menu.

Many of the foods you eat are not only unhealthy, but also harm your body.

  • Try to reduce the calorie content of your menu and gradually reduce the size of servings.
  • Replace fried foods - stewed or boiled, instead of mayonnaise, use non-fat sour cream, yogurt or olive oil.
  • Drink a day at least 1.5 liters of pure water and green tea in unlimited quantities.
  • 2 times a month arrange a fasting day.
  • Note the raw food recipes for unloading and nutritional changes.

If you score from 5 to 10 points
You have systematic problems with the gastrointestinal tract, although your food is diverse.

Problems arise due to irregular diet and improper eating patterns.

Due to lack of time, you often use snacks, sacrificing a full breakfast or lunch, and in the evening you overeat.

You should be more attentive to your diet,

  • eat in regular portions throughout the day and establish a clear mode of food intake and most importantly follow it strictly.
  • You should always have a small supply of food in the form of yogurt, dried apricots, walnuts and apples.
  • As soon as you normalize your diet, then try switching to a separate power system. This will help you lose weight and build, as well as improve your body.

If you scored from 11 to 17 points
For you, the best diet option will be vegetarianism, but you need to move to it gradually.

For a start, refuse to eat meat, but continue to eat fish, seafood and eggs.

Diet for you is not required, you are already in good physical shape. Learn to just keep your body in the same condition.

If you want to lose weight a little, then arrange 2 times a month unloading day and drink tea for weight loss.
If you score from 18 to 21 points
Your menu does not require adjustments. You eat right and do not need any diets.

Your life motto is health and balanced nutrition for ever!

To further strengthen your health and stay in excellent shape - engage in active sports - biking, swimming, jogging.

Our health, the condition of all organs and systems are directly dependent on proper and balanced nutrition.

Therefore, we cannot disregard our diet and meal schedule. Each of us can independently choose for himself the type of food that most closely fits us.

Good luck! Be healthy and happy!

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