Early menopause: causes and danger of premature menopause

Hello, dear women. Today we will talk about the early menopause. Early menopause - why it appears, whether it can be avoided and how, and how it threatens the health of the beautiful half.

Why comes early menopause

The norm of the "arrival" of menopause in women is the age of 47-53 years. But many women will begin to worry about this phenomenon already at the age of 40, that is, menstruation is absent for a whole year.

The reasons for this unnatural phenomenon:

  • Health problems.
  • Heredity.
  • Removal of the ovaries.
  • Hormonal disbalance.
  • Ovarian depletion.
  • Defects in the X chromosome.

The main signs of menopause:

  • Lack of menstruation or irregularity.
  • Irritability, tearfulness, bad mood.
  • Hot flashes, palpitations.
  • Sweating, weakness.

2-3 years, and some women over 6 years, begin to feel the approach of menopause. How dangerous is this period? Menstruation begins to be rare, sometimes it does not exist for 2-3 months, and the woman calms down, ceasing to be protected during intimacy.

During this period, the probability of becoming pregnant is great. But you can still give birth to a healthy baby! If pregnancy is undesirable, do not forget to visit the gynecologist once a month.

Studies show that 20% of women do not lose their ability to become pregnant.

If you have a hormonal failure, then after the examination, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate drugs.

Danger of premature menopause

The woman feels young, and she already has characteristic symptoms:

  • Feeling "hot."
  • Memory impairment
  • Urination problems.
  • Dryness in the vagina, hence the pain, discomfort during intimacy.
  • The appearance of various diseases.

If menopause occurs even earlier, for example, at the age of 30, then a visit to the gynecologist is inevitable, and the sooner the better.

The onset of premature menopause can trigger problems with the X chromosome or Turner Syndrome, that is, a woman does not have a second chromosome.

Many experts the cause of menopause in 30-35 years is called:

  • the early age of growing up girls - 11, 12 years.
  • thyroid disease.
  • immune system disorders.
  • female genital diseases.
  • wrong lifestyle, smoking.
  • bad ecology, obesity.
  • mismatched contraceptives.
  • fasting, strict diet.

Danger or simple trouble?

Premature menopause is much harder and longer. The face of women early becomes covered with wrinkles, the breast quickly loses its shape, fatty deposits appear on the sides, thighs, abdomen, there is a risk of developing malignant tumors in the chest, heart attack, stroke.

To reduce the risk of various pathologies, unpleasant phenomena, the doctor prescribes treatment.

A good preparation is femoston, consisting of 2 components. It contains important female hormones - estradiol and didrogesterone. As you know, during menopause there is a decrease in the activity of these hormones, and femoston is able to replace them.

In addition, femoston is useful for the prevention of osteoporosis. If a woman often has fractures, then this drug will also help prevent them.

The problems associated with early menopause

Early menopause, up to 45 years, is almost the norm, which leads to unpleasant consequences.

The reasons for this phenomenon are described above, but it turns out that smoking is one of the main enemies. This was shown by numerous researches of scientists.

Many girls torture themselves hard starvation. It's time to think about whether it is worth exposing your body to severe tests in order to get a present in a few years - early menopause, which means earlier aging.

Premature extinction of the ovaries can cause stress, constant fatigue. Modern girls are trying to make a career, working for wear, not thinking about the consequences.

And then, when a young woman feels that she is menopause, she is covered in fear and confusion. If left untreated, this condition often develops into depression, from which it is difficult to get out.

How to prevent? At emergence of the first disturbing bells, urgently address to the doctor. After all, the rapid extinction of the ovaries is not only depression and aging, but also problems with the vaginal mucosa, urethra.

It becomes so dry, thin that it begins to cause discomfort. You do not want to have urinary incontinence when you cough or exercise?

And that is not all! Dull, gray hair, hair growth on the face, neck, and even thighs will make even the most resistant lady fall into despondency.

And overweight? Zhirok is looking for where to find a better place!

But most of all, women are worried about wrinkles, which are becoming harder and harder to fight. The skin loses its elasticity due to a decrease in collagen production.

Another unpleasant feature of premature extinction is the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other pathologies.

Do not retreat or surrender!

If you do not let it flow, then you can change everything! How to avoid premature aging of the female body? Nothing new, just need to reconsider your lifestyle.

  1. Stop smoking.
  2. To find time for a good rest.
  3. Do not neglect gymnastics, other, not exhausting physical loads.
  4. Include in the diet more vegetables, fruits, seafood, cheeses, dairy products.
  5. Do not reject the help of medicine, that is, use hormonal preparations as prescribed by a doctor.
  6. Take drugs with a silicon content. Silicon increases bone elasticity. It is available in drops of Philwell.

Folk remedies

Reduce hot flashes to normalize sleep dill water will help: 3 tbsp. l dill seed pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist in a thermos for 1 hour, add water to 1 liter. To accept 3 times a day on 100 ml, in 30 minutes after meal. The course is 3-4 weeks. Do not take with reduced pressure.

Put in a thermos 2 tbsp. oregano brew 400 ml boiling water, drink 0.5 cups twice a day after 30 minutes. after meal.

I am sure that women will take all measures to prevent early aging of the body.

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