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Strong prayers to the matron of Moscow for help, how to write a note

Hello, dear readers. How many people have healed Saint Matron of Moscow, do not count! How to ask for help from a saint, you will learn from this article.

Especially revered holy

If you visited the Pokrovsky Monastery near Matronushka, you could notice an unusual feeling of responsiveness, warmth that comes from the icon during the prayer address to the Mother. It is as if you are talking about your needs with a living spiritual person.

The matron led a modest life until her death, brought healing to the sick, helped the infirm, although she herself was weak. But God gave her great power to help people. Her prophecies come true and come true now. At first she was buried at the Danilovsky cemetery in 1552. Only a few decades later, her relics were transferred to the Pokrovsky Monastery.

All her life they considered her blissful, but she was not offended, she lived modestly, predicted many events, healed people from ailments, inspired faith in them.

She will still help everyone who comes to church with faith. Mother said that the enemy was sitting on our left shoulder, and on the right - an angel. Be baptized often! The cross is a lock, as on a door.

The prayer of the holy matron for health

Most often, the Holy Staritsa ask about health. Here is an approximate petition:

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