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The magical and healing properties of stones and their meaning for each sign of the zodiac

Hello! At all times, people decorated themselves with natural stones. Studying the magical and healing properties of stones, experts concluded that some stones protect against the evil eye, others heal diseases, and still others help to meet their love. It is time for us to learn the properties of the gifts of the Earth in order to use it for our own good.

Which stone to prefer

Today, more and more women, and men, want to adorn themselves with precious stones. But you have to be very careful with them in order not to harm yourself and your health. After all, stones are endowed with magical, sometimes inexplicable properties.

Journey into the world of stones, let's start with aventurine. Even the name of the stone is fascinating.

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This is a gem of those who believe in luck, not afraid to take risks. To attract luck, you need to wear it in your left pocket. If a person has this stone, then he, unwittingly, makes a magical impression on others. He will also help those who are not lucky in love.

But be careful, it can not be worn for more than 30 days in a row. For the treatment of diseases, it is worn only on a waning moon.

It is believed that the stone is golden-green removes from its owner hatred, envy, damage. Hang the decoration with aventurine above the pram or over the door to the nursery and your child will be protected from evil sight. Mineral will be a good talisman for Dev, Rakov and Taurus. But Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, it does not fit. Aventurine will make them unmanageable.

In order not to run into a fake, note: the more glitters, the closer to a fake. Swipe them on the glass, the natural mineral will leave scratches.


Amazing colors of this natural gift - from white to black. You can find a translucent, opaque pattern, with or without a pattern. He is a real vampire protector. And agate helps to make the right decisions, do good deeds, strengthens the mind.

  • Preserve serve pebbles black.
  • Gray will save from deception and conflict.
  • Blue - helps to enhance creativity.
  • White - gives confidence, makes a person calm.

The talisman of any color treats joints, heart, nerves, bronchitis, inflammatory diseases. It is useful to wear to all, whose profession is associated with stress, communication with a large number of people.


Amethyst - stone of loyalty and protector from alcoholism. Previously, it was used to diagnose human health. If the amethyst was dark, then the person is sick, if he is healthy, he becomes light.


Turquoise is considered a moody stone, as it quickly loses its color and shine. Store it must be separately in a tissue bag.

Turquoise strengthens human health, makes him resilient, strong, protects from injury. This is the best talisman for children, because it improves thinking, increases learning ability. In addition, she is capable protect from deception, violence, evil spells.

Its preventive properties are highly valued. If a person is waiting for some kind of trouble, then turquoise turns black or crumbles into small fragments. The most valuable is considered a bright blue or turquoise turquoise variety.

Treats the thyroid gland, bones, heart, spine, nerves, improves eyesight. In ancient times, it was simply applied to the sore spot, and so were treated.

Virgo is contraindicated.


Gagat called protector from all negative influences, violence and evil. But the mineral is dangerous to wear to those who himself has evil thoughts. A pebble can harm this person in such a way that will bring him to self-destruction.

The healing properties of this unusual stone have long been known. They were treated with tumors, nerves, epilepsy, mental disorders.. For therapeutic purposes, two products should be worn: two gagat bracelets, close-fitting earrings, two rings or rings, which are tightly attached to the skin.

Gagat is useful for pregnant women. Also, it is given when it is necessary to part, because it is endowed with the properties to preserve memories.


Are known protective qualities of amulets from officials and high chiefs. How? Just helping to build a good relationship with them.

It was believed that hematite does not allow to throw away their forces in vain, to make wrong decisions, helps to prevent the unjust actions of others.

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For therapeutic purposes, hematitis has no equal in cleansing the blood, getting rid of tumors, diseases of internal organs, infections of the genital organs. In addition, the mineral helps to increase male power. To increase your sex appeal, you should wear hematite jewelry for both men and women.

Useful for regulating blood pressure:

  • Under reduced pressure worn in the first half of the lunar month.
  • With increased - in the second half.

To distinguish natural hematite, one should know that it is attracted by a strong magnet.

This mineral is suitable for Scorpios.


Rhodonite is suitable for everyone. In the countries of the East believe that the stone awakens talents, helps erupt love.

Special useful for women who can not get pregnant. Wear rhodonite jewelry on your wrist or on the neck.

As a talisman, it can be worn to anyone who wants to achieve victories in all walks of life.


Cacholong is a symbol of purity of soul and integrity. The owner of the mineral is adjusted to the merciful and fair attitude towards other people. It is worn as defender from negative energy.

Useful Taurus, Libra, Pisces. Contraindicated Scorpios and Aries.

Mineral is useful to have in your home to those who wish to strengthen the family, to bring peace and tranquility into the house. Pregnant women can wear jewelry made from this stone so that childbirth can pass easily and quickly. It will help other people to be cleansed of slags, to treat the gastrointestinal tract, for men to increase potency.


Labrador is a beautiful purple-brown stone with bright sparkles. The owner of this mineral becomes a real clairvoyant, able to accurately analyze the situation.

Labrador can be a great talisman for the whole family. He is placed in the house in the most prominent place so that all members of the family have eye contact with him.


Mysterious malachite is endowed with the strongest energy. It is considered a baby stone, because it gives children such qualities as curiosity and a penchant for science. Malachite helps to discover the talents of a child that he hasn’t yet discovered.

In addition, malachite is great defender of misfortunes. The owner of this stone as if warned of impending danger.

Jewelry with this stone is not presented to strangers, because it is a guardian of the family.


Nephritis strengthens forces, drives away failures, helps lonely people to find happiness. Only clean and merciful people jade will provide real assistance.

In medicine, it is used to treatment of kidneys, bladder, genital organs, heart, nervous and mental diseases, bone marrow. Wish prolong skin youthApply jade plates to face.


Obsidian is capable protect from any wrongdoing. Not suitable for Raku and Virgo. For others, the sign is a defender against the intrusion of hostile energy.

Mineral can not be long to wear, especially Virgo and Cancer. They can become cowardly hare.


Onyx helps its owner to become more confident, more active, resilient and resilient. It is considered a stone that protects against the action of magicians and sorcerers. A person cannot be bewitched if he has onyx with him.

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Bright carnelian is considered a talisman of love, attracting feelings and good luck in love. He warns family quarrels, drives away evil spirits, pacifies pains.

Who wear a ring with a cornelian, never know poverty and lack of money.

Eye of the Tiger

A powerful talisman for bankers and anyone connected with financeis considered a tiger eye. It also helps to move up the career ladder, build business relationships with partners.

Eye of the Tiger - best information advocate. He easily eliminates detractors and fraudsters. If you want to go to the very top of success, wear jewelry with this mineral. But help will not come to everyone, but only to honest, hard-working, purposeful people.

The charm should be set only in silver; gold will reduce the magic properties of the mineral. The best assistant to Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.


Shungite is one of the most unique healing minerals. It is the basis for many medicines.

Methods of treatment with schungite:

  • Applications. Placing plates on diseased areas.
  • Schungite water. It effectively treats diabetes, joints, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal tract, mental disorders, liver, skin diseases. Water normalizes pressure, eliminates headaches, raises the tone.

Useful to all zodiac signs.


Since the days of ancient Egypt, jasper is considered an excellent defender from misfortune and slander. Especially prized green mineral. It was he brings good luck.

In ancient times, bowls were made of jasper. Getting drunk from the cup meant curing many diseases, especially the digestive tract.

Brown jasper has a positive effect on the kidneys and skin - perfectly treats all abscesses.


The treacherous coil of its owner will long be tested for strength. If a person passes all temptations, then the serpentine will become his lifelong protector.

Pisces and Cancers, it is contraindicated, because it will stretch all the forces. Virgos and Capricorns can carry it with them, but not more than 2 days a week. The power of the stone is too great.

Coil enhances the therapeutic effects of drugs. Put it in the first aid kit, that will be enough. Athletes wear it to get better results.


Ammonite helps people find the right solution in the most difficult situations. Ammonite mascot wearingbenefits longevity.

Businessmen can put stone products in their office. is he will attract good luck in business and financial well-being.

More suitable for watermarks, the rest - with caution. It is not necessary to wear every day, only during important negotiations.


Govlit, a student mascot, because adds perseverance to learning. Also he treats joints and the entire bone system. Fractures grow together quickly, teeth become stronger. But Howlite fits only 4 zodiac signs:

  • Taurus will add charm.
  • Virgo - strength.
  • Scorpio - self-confidence.
  • Capricorn - hard work.

It is harmful to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. These signs will feel sadness and desolation.


Mysterious sodalite is able to change its color from blue to pink. It is used to make amulets, various figures, and of course, jewelry.

Sodalite is used for medicinal purposes. He nIt helps to normalize blood pressure, prevent CVD diseases. Girls are happy to wear beads, believing that they greatly reduce the appetite. In addition, they act as a sedative. Looking at this stone, you can improve eyesight.


Fascinating Ametrine will bring good luck to those people who want to make a career.

Lev, Sagittarius and Aries will help them to become more restrained, which means that it is easier to achieve success. Magic decoration will come to the aid of other signs of the zodiac.


Lava is a stone of volcanic rock. Decorations from this stone are so warm that they can warm all people with warmth. When touched to the human body, the mineral gives it its beneficial properties, strengthening the immune system, relieving stress.


Epidote - deliverer from envy, irritability and other shortcomings. Opens opportunities to attract money only need to be able to use them. Creative individuals can avoid envious glances and hatred from colleagues.

For therapeutic purposes, is used to treat headaches. You just need to attach to the head. And if you hold it in your mouth, periodontal disease will disappear.

Fish and Cancers - should not wear jewelry with epidote.

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Dear friends, you have learned the magical and healing properties of stones, which means you can use them for your own purposes. Use correctly, because these gifts of the Earth have their own, not always good character.

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