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How to disperse the metabolism with the help of the diet Haley Pomeroy

Hello dear readers! Diet for metabolism Haley Pomeroy has a wonderful property - you will eat often, balanced and lose weight! At least, this is what the author of this diet promises.

Specific diet

The dream of every woman, well, men, by the way, is also to eat and not get better. And even better, if we could eat tasty food for the night, and in the morning see a minus on the scales. On this diet, this result is quite possible.

A feature of this diet is that you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. Haley Pomeroy takes the liberty to say that you can lose weight, even using sweet and flour.

The main thing is to allow your body to work and work properly, without overloading it, thereby giving time for the absorption of all substances.

This amazing woman has developed a technique that, by the way, is used by many Hollywood stars. The system is based not only on a special nutrition schedule, but also on a generally different attitude to oneself and to food.

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Rules to speed up metabolism

Here are the main "whales" on which the Pomroy system settled:

  • Not to starve. Refusal to eat is the main problem, leading to inhibition of metabolism and accumulation of fat.
  • Do not give up what you love. If you really want junk food, eat and enjoy! But it is desirable to exclude alcohol, soy, corn. Limit salt and sugar.
  • You need to take care of yourself and your nerves! Enjoy the process. All that is needed for a beautiful figure is a positive attitude.
  • Love the exercise. Optional dumbbells. You can, for example, dance, it is a great positive. If you do not play sports, you risk gaining weight again, at the end of the diet.
  • Products must be helpful. for you and it is desirable that the dishes were homemade.
  • To drink a lot of water, not less than 1.5 liters in a day.
  • Desirable go to bed in the interval from 21.00 to 23.00. The fact is that this is the best time to sleep. Give the body an opportunity to relax.
  • So that the body does not go into fat saving mode and metabolism slows down need to eat oftenthat is, every 2-3 hours. Three full meals and two snacks.
  • If you choose large portions of food, the body will not have time to process food. As a result, insulin will be released to cleanse the blood of excess sugar. And we get a slowdown in metabolism. Eat small meals.
  • It is necessary during the diet take a multivitamin.

Here is an approximate graph to follow. In order not to forget anything print and hang in your kitchen.
For serious weight loss, you must strictly adhere to these rules. In the opposite case, you only waste time.

Diet and menu for the week

Diet Haley Pomroy requires strictly adhere to the menu and nutrition rules. It is necessary to divide the week into three phases:

1. Mon. - Tues - we normalize the emotional state and normalize the hormonal background. Eat a lot of fruit and cereals.

2. Wed - Thu - take care of our muscles. In order not to lose weight due to muscle mass we eat a lot of protein and vegetables.

3. Fri. - Sat. - Sun. - We include fats, because they are vital to our body. This phase stimulates heart activity.

What to cook on a diet Pomro

Meals on this diet can be very diverse, since almost everything is allowed - the main thing is to use everything in its time.

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Hayley took care of her fans and described many recipes in her book, which can be easily found on the Internet.

For example, she recommends a very tasty and healthy tuna salad.

To make it you need:

  • Salted tuna;
  • Red onion;
  • Carrot;
  • An Apple;
  • Cucumbers.

All this is cut, mix and season with lemon juice.

And here is an example of a good hearty breakfast, which is suitable for the 1st and 3rd phases - oatmeal smoothie with fruit.

What awaits you during the diet

This diet requires endurance, because it gives the result only in strict mode. Sometimes breaking out means starting all over again. Also, the products on this diet can not be called the cheapest.

But according to people who have already tried this diet, you can lose 10 kg per month, which, in fact, promises Haley Pomeroy. This food system is famous for having no contraindications, although it is surprising to dietitians about promises to disperse the metabolism.

But the real feedback from the video blogger about their results on this diet

Dear friends, if you decide to try this diet, then do not delay, because summer is just around the corner!

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All the best to you! See you again!