Take the test and find out the character by handwriting and signature

Hello! The science of graphology studies the character of the person by the slope, the roundness of the letters. Can an ordinary person take advantage of the development of graphologists? See how to determine the nature of the handwriting and signature, to better understand people.

Graphology is a useful science.

Indeed, it helps psychologists, police officers, managers to “figure out” a person, to get to know his character better. We, too, can get a little closer to this knowledge if we become familiar with the intricacies of analysis. Nuances in determining the nature:

  1. Handwritten text should be at least 4 lines long.
  2. The entry must be made with a pencil or fountain pen, which conveys the thickness of the pressure.
  3. Be sure to have a signature.
  4. The best analysis can be done with 3-4 text written in more than one day.

Having texts, it is necessary to begin the analysis.

  • If the letters on a piece of well-writtenthen they were written by a confident, energetic personality that respects discipline. Such a person is always calm, because he is incredibly confident in himself, his actions. It can not be called not sociable. Everything is within acceptable limits.
  • If the text is written with barely noticeable pressurethen you have a romantic, even voluptuous, dreamy nature. She does everything slowly, but at the same time remains responsible for what has been done. Often the author of handwriting is not a strong-willed person.

What will tell the slope:

  • If there is a slight tilt to the left, then the author should set his preferences above the rest, is critical of others.
  • The independent nature of the letters strongly "fall" to the left. On any topic has a personal point of view.
  • If there is a slight slope to the right. Before you is a balanced, calm person. He likes to be in good company, solitude is not afraid either. But prone to unpredictable mood changes.
  • Purposeful, stubborn citizen writes with a strong inclination to the right. This is a born leader. If he decided something, he will finish the job. Love, but jealous.
  • If the text is not tilted, then you have a harmonious personality, but stubborn, combining emotionality and prudence. The decision is made only after scrupulous disassembly of the pros and cons. An example of a tilt to the left.

The size of the letters is also important:

  • Sociable person, knowing everything new, writes in large letters. This is the leader who is able to enter any team, is endowed with the gift of persuasion.
  • The author of small letters - secretive, discreet and calculating nature. In the work - he is punctual, not afraid of responsibility. Focuses on what it does.
  • Creative people write widely, and economical and rational - in narrow letters. An example of narrow letters.

Character determination by angles and roundness

Examples of different types of handwriting:

Watch the video: Graphology or Handwriting Analysis (January 2020).