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What is aromatherapy and how to use it for yourself, family and home

Hello everyone. It is hard to believe that aromatherapy can work wonders. But it really is. From this article you will learn many useful things for your health and beauty.

Aromatherapy - to maintain health

Odor treatments have been known to people since time immemorial. Benefits of treatment with aromas of essential oils:

  • It has no contraindications and side effects,
  • Helps to quickly relieve anxiety, nervous tension,
  • Essential oils act on the restoration of the nervous system, as well as on the rejuvenation of the body,
  • Availability of therapy
  • Safety method.

Where to apply essential oils

The use of esters is not limited only to filling the air with pleasant smells. They are used by:

  • in cosmetology,
  • for the treatment of many ailments,
  • they do massage with them
  • strengthen hair
  • used in the fight against obesity and cellulite,
  • add to face and body masks.

Proper use of oils

In order for the ethers to benefit, follow the rules when using them:

  1. Do not apply to the skin directly from the bottle, so as not to get burned. It is necessary to dilute with salt, base oil or honey.
  2. Do not exceed the dosage, it threatens with allergies or burns.
  3. Before use, check for allergies.
  4. Beginners need to check for negative reactions. If smells do not like, then give up these oils.

A cold will not pass!

Consider which diseases can be treated with esters. It is worth noting that aromatherapy gives excellent results in the treatment of people suffering from chronic ailments that are not amenable to any treatment. If medications do not help at all or cause side effects, then aroma therapy will help improve health.

For example, in case of a cold, inhalations and massage with oils of fir, mint, sage, eucalyptus, bergamot, cloves, lavender, tea tree, ginger, chamomile will help.

You can make a cold inhalation with one of these substances: drop 2-3 drops on a handkerchief and inhale the vapors for 5 minutes. For hot inhalation, ether is dripped into hot water, covered with a towel and inhaled healing vapors for 10 minutes.

Good effect can be obtained from inhalation using aromalampy.

How is an aroma lamp used? First you need to close all the windows, then pour hot water, light a candle that will heat the water. Then you need to drop from 1 to 3 drops of the desired ether. Aroma lamp ignite only for 20 minutes.

With a cold, sinusitis, tonsillitis will facilitate the state of a thin, exquisitely tart flavor bergamot. Light the aroma lamp 2-3 times a day (9-10 drops of oil for one use), make inhalations every other day (3-4 drops of oil for 2 liters of hot water), inhale the aromas in the sachet.

TIP. There is practically no contraindication to this aroma, but it is better not to treat hyper-excitable children under the age of 14 with bergamot.

Treatment of common ailments to serious ailments

Home therapy can save a person from viruses, infections, fungi, bacteria. Such esters as lavender, tea tree oil and geranium act like a magic antiseptic.

As an anti-stress, anti-depressant esters act:

  • mint, bergamot,
  • geraniums, lavender,
  • vervain and sage,
  • cedar and thyme,
  • lemon and basil.

Make inhalations and aroma lamps from the above mentioned products to get rid of nervous system ailments, heal headaches, insomnia.

The properties of oils are easy to penetrate into the cells of the body, improve their nutrition, are used in the treatment of blood vessels and the heart. Many are very suspicious of this type of treatment. And you try it!

The fact is that many components relieve arrhythmia, normalize pressure. Applying the ethers, you can achieve good results in complex treatment of the heart and blood diseases.

With angina, ischemia, arrhythmias, you should use these essential means:

  • lavender, rosemary,
  • rose, mint, lemon balm,
  • hyssop, geranium.

For hypertension:

  • lemon lavender
  • juniper, cypress,
  • geranium thuja

For diseases of the veins and blood vessels:

  • lemon, hyssop, cypress,
  • marjoram, oregano.

Aromatic treatment

Useful and pleasant massage with aromatic substances. Its effect helps to cope with some diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, improves blood circulation.

Compresses are designed to affect the diseased organ or body part. To this end, ether is added to hot or cold water, gauze is moistened, applied to the desired zone, left for 10 to 30 minutes.

Known for the beneficial effects of baths to improve the state. First, fill the bath with water, then drip the oil so that they do not evaporate. The action of the means is based on the fact that after a couple of seconds they penetrate to the kidneys, lungs, and liver.

And you can make a bath just for the soul. Most often it is a bath with lavender.

Take as real salvation aromatherapy with eucalyptus oil, if you have:

  • drowsiness and overwork;
  • depression;
  • nervous system disorders, mood swings.

Pleasant smells are used in psychology. They relieve fear and stress. In these cases, oil of rose, lavender, rosemary lemon balm will help. Inhale the aromas, and peace and tranquility will come to your soul.

Luxury jasmine oil

Jasmine oil is one of the most valuable essential oils, but also the most expensive. When nervous tension just sniff a bunch of these luxurious flowers to calm down.

The smell of this wonderful plant is a natural aphrodisiac that can normalize sex life. To eliminate coldness between partners, to return former passion, it is enough to drop 1 drop of oil into the oil burner.

It is used to relieve neurosis, mental disorders, anxiety, and sleep. Aromatic baths will help you regain strength, and with a cold will help you recover faster.

To feel the miraculous support of jasmine, wear a bag with a drop of essential oil or jasmine perfume.

Universality of tea tree oil

We have already written about the therapeutic properties of tea tree oil, but for the first time you will learn about other methods of use. For example, if you regularly carry out aromatherapy, you will soon get lush hair. Just put a couple of drops of oil on the comb and brush your hair for 2-3 minutes.

To fill the room with the scent of tea tree, purchase fragrance diffuser - a device that disperses the smallest droplets of substances through the air.

Applying this machine, you get an atmosphere that improves the general condition of all members of your family, calms, relieves anxiety, improves concentration, and improves efficiency.

Aromatherapy for weight loss and body shaping

This is surprising, but aromatherapy is really useful for losing weight.

1. Jojoba, Cypress and Juniper oils

  • Remove excess fluid from the body;
  • Normalize metabolism;
  • They cleanse the body of toxins and slags.

Recipe: 13 drops of cypress oil, 12 drops of juniper ether and 50 ml of jojoba are required. All mix, apply on the skin with massage movements, you can add to the bath.

2. Orange oil

  • Soothes and relaxes;
  • Raises immunity;
  • Improves the digestive tract;
  • Helps to get rid of cellulite.

During the entire period of struggle with obesity, 1-2 times a day, light the aroma lamp with 8-10 drops of essential oil, or always carry a handkerchief with you, drip 2-3 drops of orange oil every 2 days.

TIP. To enhance the effect, and at the same time in order to combat cellulite, conduct a course of aromatic baths: add 4 drops of orange oil to the water (the warmer, the better) and lie in it for 20 minutes. To make the effect noticeable, arrange such baths every 3 days for 2 months.

Recipe. Pour 5 drops into a bath or add 6 drops to the moisturizer.

3. Cinnamon oil

  • It dulls the feeling of hunger.

Enough to smell the cinnamon stick or pour 5 drops into the bath. Try before bed to do this relaxing manipulation. You will ensure lack of appetite and get a good sleep.

And finally, watch the video, how to make a cream with essential oils at home.

Dear readers. Now you know what aromatherapy is and how to treat it with essential oils. Choose "your" ether and use it for health promotion.

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