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Useful properties and use of bee pollen for women and men

Greetings to you, dear reader! The benefits of bee perga have been known for a long time. This unique product of beekeeping helps to cure a large number of diseases. We learn more closely the most useful properties of bee pollen.

What is pga?

Perga is called pollen from flowers, which is filled with cells in the comb. Beekeepers have another name - bread, bee bread, which even tastes like rye bread, thickly spread with honey.

In order not to harm the body, bread should be consumed in small doses: there are too many fortified compounds in it.

Bees care about the health of the stronger sex

The healing properties of bread can be felt by men if they take it regularly. How does perga affect the male population?

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It turns out that its nutritional value is much higher than meat, milk, eggs. Namely, these products prevail in the diet of most men.
Bread proteins have the same composition as blood proteins, so they are easily digested. In men, overall health improves, male power increases, and there is no need to take medications to increase potency.

If a man will take 15 grams daily for a month. fresh perga, it will get rid of impotence, early ejaculation, improve the condition of prostate adenoma.

There are even reviews about the treatment of male infertility. When you receive this product, motility and sperm count increase 5 times.

What is useful bee bread

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