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Recipes for delicious soups from around the world in pictures

Hello. If you or your family respects the first dish or even cannot do without it at all, then use this selection. These are very tasty soups. Soup recipes in pictures from around the world will help you diversify your home menu and appease your family.

Mexican Tortilla Soup

Do not confuse tortilla with tortilla. Homeland of tortilla soup - Mexico. Due to its wonderful aroma and rich taste, as well as ease of preparation, it has gained popularity in many countries around the world. There are many options for cooking soup.

And here you will find recipes with Mexican tortilla.

Lentil curry from Sri Lanka

Rice and curry is the most popular dish in Sri Lanka. Unlike India, whose cuisine is replete with many different recipes, Sri Lankans prefer curry every day.

Curry is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, the people of Sri Lanka know and know how to cook a lot of Indian dishes, Chinese cuisine is also popular. Despite this, curry has long been the basis of Lankan life.

The most popular curry in Sri Lanka is lentil curry (dal). Legumes contain a lot of protein, about 25 grams. on 100 gr. lentils. This dish turns out very satisfying.

Of course, lentil curry is valued not only for its nutritional value. The taste of legumes boiled in thick coconut milk with spices is impressive! And you can see for yourself.

Louisiana Gumbo from America

The business card of the state of Louisiana is a gumbo stew. The dish appeared in the XVIII century under the influence of the mixing of various culinary traditions. Gumbo - is a thick soup, in its consistency resembling a stew.

In general, the recipe of its preparation looks like this: boil the broth, spread vegetables, meat and sausages or seafood into it and thicken the soup with sauce.

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French cheese soup

Cheese soup is a delicious and nutritious first dish that will be a great alternative to the usual soups. The main component of this soup is cheese, but, of course, it does not do without adding other products.

Moreover, the products can be very different - vegetables, meat of different types, fish or seafood, mushrooms, etc. Yes, and cheese is used by different varieties - hard, soft or processed cheese. The cheese melted in boiling water makes the taste of the dish savory, and the soup itself is more nutritious.

Try to cook the cheese soup and enjoy its special, incomparable taste and be sure to treat your loved ones.

Spanish gazpacho

One of the best recipes for summer is gazpacho soup. Spanish gazpacho soup (gazpacho) is the real pride of Spanish cuisine, cooked simply, eats quickly.

And try some more raw gazpacho soup

The classic recipe of Spanish gazpacho includes tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, garlic and salt. The final color of gazpacho depends on the color of the ingredients used: red gazpacho soup, as in the photo, is obtained from red tomatoes and peppers, yellow peppers with tomatoes will make gazpacho, respectively, yellow.

If you prepare multicolored ingredients in spite of the color (all green ingredients are prepared first, then red), then you will be able to decorate the soup beautifully from the multicolored pasty masses.

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International chicken soup with rice

But rice soup with chicken is difficult to divide, it is not expensive and easy to cook, very tasty, satisfying and healthy.
You should also know that rice is the most digestible cereal - 96%.

And for those on a diet, this dish will be just a godsend.

It relieves the feeling of hunger for a long time, thanks to the starch contained in rice, but at the same time it is low in calories.

Calorie rice soup with chicken is only 35-45 calories per 100 grams.

Rice is able to absorb some of the fat, as well as cholesterol and other harmful substances.


Regardless of whether you like Italian cuisine or treat it very calmly, once in your life you should definitely try to make real Italian vegetable soup - Minestrone.

First, it is a beautiful dish, with a beautiful name and amazingly beautiful taste. Secondly, in a bowl of such soup TOTAL 210 kcal, despite the fact that its benefit for the body and the figure is almost not appreciated! Anyway, your loved one should finally admit that a healthy diet is not “Beeeeeee ...”.

Minestrone is a very popular dish in Italy. Those who have been to Europe have probably noticed that the attitude to soups from Europeans is quite different from ours, Russians. If Europeans want something liquid and hot, they order the usual meat broth.

And all the so-called European soups are kind of like not soups, but rather mashed stewed vegetables. That and Minestrone is no exception. It is such a rich, pureed and slightly liquid stew made from a large amount of vegetables.

Vegetables, by the way, in the classic version of the soup is really a lot - at least ten different species. Add to this broth from meat, bacon or poultry, cheese dressing, pesto sauce and be sure not to forget the pasta. Get no soup - soup !!! But this is exactly the name of the soup translated from Italian. What can I say, original ...

If you set a goal to get a taste the same as in Italy, then relax. The fact is that in each region the Minestrone “boot” is prepared in its own way. Just like with us - soup or okroshka. So feel free to experiment with the composition.

The main thing - follow the general rules:

  1. Vegetables need to fry and then simmer on slow fire, slowly. Be patient and free time. At all about everything you need 1.5-2 hours.
  2. Vegetables need to take seasonal. Do not chase the "chemical" bell pepper in the middle of winter, but replace it with something more useful.
  3. In the soup should be some legumes - peas, chickpeas, beans. Of course, better fresh, green.
  4. Some of the vegetables in the soup should be rubbed, some - hard.
  5. Pasta or pasta we add only solid varieties, otherwise all the utility - the cat under the tail.
  6. Do not skimp on the greens - basil, parsley - the more the better.
  7. Minestrone should be thick. The more varied the vegetables that you use, the better. Let not 10, but 7 or 8 species must be present.

Italian Wedding

It is very difficult to trace the origin of the Italian wedding soup for sure. This soup version of minestrone with meatballs, was originally associated with weddings. In Italy, the soup is called "Ministra maritata". Maritata - translates as marriage, and many food historians believe that marriage is not accidentally mentioned. Another name for the soup is "Pignato grasso".

Or maybe the name is because vegetables and meat are "made" for each other?

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