10 exercises to strengthen the ankle

Greetings to all who know what a problem ankle is, who had to limp after a run or a failed jump. Today we will do special exercises for the ankle, which will not only strengthen the joint, but also restore it after a small stretch.

Signs of weak ankle

A sign that you have a weak ankle, are constant minor troubles. For example,

  • legs when walking in heels are often tucked
  • after a normal walk, the middle and ring toe hurt
  • sprained a bunch after an unsuccessful jump.

Externally, a weak ankle joint may manifest itself as follows: it is necessary to become straight, legs about the width of the pelvic bones. If a you see that at least one foot littered inward, the conclusion suggests itself - ankle need to strengthen!

If you have received an ankle injury or have pulled a ligament, you should wear hard shoes with orthopedic insoles for a walk or use special orthopedic shoes.

For jogging, shoe high sneakers (similar to basketball ones) so that the ankle is rigidly fixed.

Joint gymnastics to strengthen the ankle

To prevent possible injury to a weak ankle, perform simple exercises. The same exercises will allow you to restore the joint after a little stretching.

Ankle Exercises

1. Remember the workout at school physical education classes - walking on the fingers, on the outside and on the inside of the foot. So go home this way every day.

For example, first go to the kitchen on the outside, back - on the inside. Next time, there - on the fingers, and back - on the heels.

Give up slippers. If you are cold barefoot, then buy yourself a tight sports socks.

2. As a continuation of this exercise, there is one more, using a rubber band. Take a rubber band (or a rubber bandage from a pharmacy) and tie a foot to it.

Transfer weight to your heels and try to spread the feet apart, stretching the rubber. So you train the outer surface of the foot.

3. In order to use the inner surface, the foot must be crossed.

Similar to the previous exercise, put the weight on your heels and try to move the foot apart.

4. Secure the rubber band with one end on the support, and put the second, free end on the foot. Stretching the rubber, pull the foot towards you.

5. Perform circular movements with stops.. Sit on a chair or sofa. Extend your legs and lift them off the floor. Keeping your feet on weight, rotate the foot inward and then outward.

Perform 15-20 rotations in each direction. If you feel a slight burning sensation in the joints, then you have received a sufficient load.

6. If you have a sedentary job, then use the time at the table for the benefit of your feet: roll the bottle with your foot with water so that the movement was similar to the movement of the feet when sewing on the foot machine.

Read more about gymnastics for the feet from Yamuna Zeyk

7. If there is no injury, then jump rope. Jumping rope is the best exercise to strengthen the ankle. If you want to fully load the ankles, jump without bending your knees, only due to the work of the ankle joints.

8. In the summer, go barefoot more often. The best exercise for the ankle is running on sand or small pebbles. In order to perform this exercise not only in the summer and not only on the street, it is possible to adapt a fairly wide enough tray.

Pour into it a small rounded pebble of the river. Put a tray in the bathroom in front of the sink and twice a day, during the morning and evening dress, shift your bare feet on this pebble.

9. Another great exercise that not only strengthens the ankle, but also contributes to the prevention of flatfoot. Scatter small items on the floor, for example buttons or the same pebble from a tray, and collect them with your toes. Put in a glass or box. If you do it while standing, then you can additionally train your balance.

Use a massage mat

With a special massage path, on the surface of which artificial synthetic pebbles made of hard plastic or massage elements made of Altai birch are located, you can achieve amazing results:

  • strengthen the ankle and prevent flat feet;
  • intensify the work of internal organs;
  • improve lymph and blood circulation
  • partially prevent varicose veins;
  • reduce swelling;
  • relieve cramps and heaviness in the legs;
  • relax, relieve stress and improve mood.

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Watch the video: Building Your Body : How to Build Up Ankle Strength (February 2020).