Boho style for women after 50 - styles, colors, patterns

Hello! Each woman, reaching an elegant age, involuntarily thinks about which style to give preference in order to remain young, fresh, to hide some figure flaws, but to emphasize dignity. You will help the style boho for 50-year-olds.

Enjoy the age of autumn

A woman after 50 years should take her own age, and not try to keep her youth, not be sad about the old days. And her beautiful boho style will help her in this. The description of its advantages will help to evaluate all its advantages.

Modern style first originated in Hollywood. He turned out to be elegant, like nothing in a free way, but capable of distinguishing the sophistication of a mature woman who has stepped over her 50-year-old frontier.

Boho skillfully combines ethno-motives, unusual cut and bright additions. The loose, unusually tailored styles allow you to hide figure flaws, while creating an elegant, unlike other charming image. Singer Madonna, choosing boho, proved that after 50 you can also look gorgeous.

Having chosen a unique image, you will learn how to properly combine the outfits you have. Combining, layered clothing will help to hide curvaceous, which is especially suitable for full beauties.

Basic details of a unique style

Distinctive elements of the image:

  • A long skirt without a pattern;
  • A blouse of an unusual cut with ethno-motives or inserts from lace;
  • Knitted sweater, cardigan;
  • Boots with low heels brown or black;
  • Denim vest;
  • Large-sized accessories with metal or wood elements;
  • Voluminous sweater;
  • Jeans or linen wide trousers;
  • The bag is large in size, best with a fringe;
  • Felt or straw hat (or a beautifully knitted scarf);
  • Long dress with a large ethnic pattern.

Free image does not mean carelessness. In spite of freedom, clothes should not be overloaded with elaborate details, screaming shades. For women over 50 suitable natural shades of mustard, gray, brown, cherry, beige.

Black lovers should be careful not to add age. A woman must find a delicate balance to create a truly elegant look. Therefore, at the same time you can wear 3-4 things, including accessories.

Boho style increases vitality

Picturesque outfits even a lady in golden age will help you look confident and fresh.

But not only summer outfits will decorate a woman. A loose winter coat will hide all unnecessary. A warm sweaters, cardigans in combination with warm dresses, comfortable trousers, fur vest will warm in any frost, creating comfort when moving. Coats with picturesque appliqués will give clothes that highlight that will set you apart from boring winter dullness.

Boho by spring and summer

Spring is coming, so it's time to get ready for the warm season, when you need spacious linen pants, light skirts in several layers, not one loose tunic, beautifully flowing in the wind, openwork vest. Pictures on dresses and tunics, choose large, small flower, let it remain young ladies.

Let's make an exclusive boho thing

How to sew your own things in the "bohemian" style? Very simple! If you have accumulated a lot of old dresses, then even the material is not necessary to buy. Cut them into rectangles, combining in color, sew together.

Make a pattern, attach to the resulting canvas and cut, not forgetting the seam allowances. After an hour of work you will get a free sundress. Lace can be sewn to the bottom of the sundress.

From the rags you can sew original summer dresses with large pockets.

Crocheted tunic

If you are attracted to knitting, then tie a fashionable openwork summer tunic.

To calculate the width, take the width of the shoulders, tie 2 identical cloths, connect them along the shoulders and sides, here you have a tunic.

The image of a confident lady

Bohemian style for 50-year-olds is not a gray daily routine, it is original styles, flowing dresses, large accessories, light movements. Properly selected things will help in 50 years to feel self-confident beauty.

To the style of boho with Julia Guryanova

Beautiful elegant woman Julia Guryanova proved to all pyshechkam that you can look no worse, and better than overseas beauties, if you find your image. The main thing is that all things can be sewn with your own hands, because complex patterns do not require here.

Summer bright things made in the style of boho, very expressive. The image created by the designer, combines several different directions. In one set you can see elements of vintage style, military style, hippie, gypsy clothing.

Julia helps a woman to show the world how elegant and unusual she is.

Long dresses, costumes in several tiers look harmonious, feminine on the most appetizing figure. Clothing hides flaws so that people only see the virtues:

  • favorably underlined smooth outlines;
  • deep cleavage, revealing a beautiful chest;
  • flirty side slit, waistline accentuated with a romantic girdle.

A beautifully dressed woman is sure of her irresistibility, so she is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Characteristics of models

Julia’s outfits are distinguished by bright colors, expensive natural fabrics, layering, harmony. Their main feature: they cover only the beautiful parts of the silhouette, in other places, the fabrics just fall down by folds or a bright "waterfall".

She prefers bright fabrics: blue, yellow, orange, emerald, red, purple. If the basis of the dress are neutral tones. That surely there is a place for a couple of details of juicy color.

Handmade elements add special femininity to the costumes:

  • embroidery;
  • application;
  • fringe, beads, lace.

She pays a lot of attention to the additions to the outfit: glasses, bags, earrings, necklaces, flower-shaped brooches, straps. Shoes choose simple, without studs and high heels.

See a selection of unusual outfits of a bold designer.

Bohemian wedding

Wedding boho prefer bold brides, because we must abandon the usual wedding canons. Even a wedding dress is notable for its charming airiness, non-classical cut, unusual freedom.

Hairstyles are the most simple, looks great styling in the Greek or Old Slavonic style. A girl can safely wear any shoes, massive jewelry.

Even the design of the wedding is original, not to mention the clothes of the groom. A boho wedding will be remembered both by the bride and the groom, as well as by the numerous guests, because their clothes should also be kept in the bohemian style.

New interior decoration

Tilda doll has become a new hobby for many needlewomen who created their own boho outfits. They began to make toys, dressing them in bohemian dresses, unusual shoes.

But no "decent" doll should be left without ornaments. Handbags, pins, brooches, buttons, bouquets, necklaces, even glasses began to appear.

Dear needlewomen, I am sure that the bohemian style caught your attention. Do not hesitate to start making clothes and Tilda's doll to keep up with fashion.

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