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Why does hair fall out in women and what to do in this case?

Greetings to all my readers! Despite the abundance of cosmetic products for the care of curls, women continue to lose their hair. Why do women’s hair fall out and what can be done with this misfortune, we will try to find answers to this question.

Alarming symptoms

Beautiful hair at all times made the image of a woman exciting and charming. Modern women have increasingly begun to complain about the thinning of hair. In a normal day you can lose from 50 to 100 hairs, but if more, then this is a reason to sound the alarm!

You yourself may notice a disturbing signal, having thoroughly examined the hair that has fallen out. If it fell out with a bulb, then all is not well. You can conduct another test:

  • Do not wash your hair for 2 or 3 days.
  • After 2-3 days, pull yourself by the hair. Put the hairs on a white sheet.
  • Pull 2 ​​more times, grabbing bunches on different parts of the head.
  • If you count 13-15 hairs, then there is no cause for concern.
  • If more than 15, you can contact a specialist or, knowing the reasons, eliminate them.

First you need to identify the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon. It may be:

  • The restructuring of the body during pregnancy, during puberty, with menopause.
  • Taking antibiotics.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Pathological changes in the endocrine and nervous system.
  • Depression, chronic fatigue, stress.
  • Overheating of hair, as well as hypothermia.

This is only part of the reasons for hair loss.

Hair is an indicator of our health. Even if the disease has not yet "broken out", and the hair is climbing in bunches, then an appeal to the doctor cannot be avoided.

Types of hair loss (alopecia)

  1. Alopecia areata, when hair falls out in some areas.
  2. Diffuse, when the hair thin out too much across the head.
  3. Androgenetic, when baldness occurs in the middle of the head, and in women on the parting.

What to do? This question is asked by each woman, finding bundles on her pillow. It is necessary to establish the cause by visiting a doctor. The doctor will prescribe tests, offer to visit an endocrinologist, a therapist and other specialists.

If a woman herself begins to treat hair with masks, herbs, she can miss a serious illness.

But you can change your lifestyle, abandon the diet, bad habits. In winter, you should wear a warm hat, in the summer wear a sun hat. Proper care can also stop the fallout.

How to get rid of beriberi

After winter, the strands look tired, lifeless. Obviously, they do not have enough vitamins. What vitamins are missing?

Vitamins and minerals are real helpers to restore the health of hair. Make sure that on your table were vitamins C, D, E, certainly groups B, as well as copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, fish oil.

No diet should be without meat, eggs, fish, seafood, cereals, dairy products, seeds, nuts, legumes, grain bread, fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil.

In addition to products, it is necessary to take the ALERANA® vitamin complex with all the necessary components for hair loss. Noticing the loss, give up the diet, because after a quick weight loss curls also lose their power.

It is very useful to massage the hair of the head with your fingers or a wooden brush. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of the hair follicles.

How to stop hair loss after stress

Modern women find it difficult to avoid nervous overloads, but if you constantly remember that your beauty suffers from stress, you can try.

During stress, the body has to work at the limit of its capabilities. As a result, nervous exhaustion occurs, without adding beauty to your curls!

In case of a nervous overload, a hormonal failure may occur, as a result of which the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles will be disrupted, which will also lead to their death.

Why does hair fall out in women after childbirth?

After giving birth, the woman’s head begins to lose some of its hair. If up to 150 hairs are lost per day, then baldness does not threaten you, because new ones will quickly grow on the spot of the lost ones. But if the process takes place more intensively, the new ones simply do not have time to take their place.

There are several reasons why postpartum prolapse occurs:

  • Change hormonal levels. Due to the hormonal outbreak during pregnancy, the skin, the future mother's hair looks great, and after birth, the hair follicles do not nourish the bulbs, which leads to rapid hair loss.
  • Nervous stress, because the birth of a baby is not only happiness, but also new fears and problems.
  • During pregnancy, the future mother decreases the level of hemoglobin, as a result of which iron deficiency occurs.
  • During the period of breastfeeding, almost every woman is expected to have vitamin deficiency due to the strict restriction of the diet. Foods that cause allergies in an infant (citrus fruits, fruits, red vegetables) are excluded, which means that the body does not receive some of the important vitamins and trace elements.
  • Endocrine disorders, excess weight gained during pregnancy, irregular menstruation.

How to recover lost curls? In this case, it is necessary to apply not only external, but also internal means. Excellent awakens dormant bulbs Serum for hair growth ALERANA. Use the courses to see the result.

If the measures taken do not have an effect, then you will have to consult a doctor.

How to stop hair loss after giving birth

After birth, it is important to establish proper include vitamins E and D, calcium, selenium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Include beef liver, nuts, dried apricots, porridge, spinach, dairy products, fish, potatoes, eggs, rice, corn, cabbage, figs, pork, almonds. In addition to changing the diet is useful to make hair masks, vitamin wraps.

After cesarean section, alopecia can also be observed. The reasons are the same as after birth. With proper care, the curls will again become the same density.

Some women cut their hair short, leaving 1-15 centimeters. Then the hair becomes lush and beautiful.

Keep curls from injury

Modern woman is difficult to refuse chemical perm and dyeing hair. Therefore, after dyeing, especially after lightening, it is necessary to take measures to strengthen the hair. It is important to choose the right shampoo, other care products.

The ALERANA series of products introduced "Intensive Nutrition Shampoo", normalizing the skin microflora, preventing alopecia due to natural supplements that prolong the hair's life cycle. There are other care products, it is important to find with natural ingredients.

After dyeing hair with aggressive colors, thinning of the hair can also be observed. Change the paint, pay attention to henna, which does not spoil the curls, but on the contrary, strengthens them, making them shiny and thick.

After highlighting, the same picture is observed. Highlighting can be replaced with ombra or balayazh, when only the tips of the hair are dyed. There are other technologies of highlighting, not traumatic hair follicles.

After keratin straightening, many girls do not get the perfect hairstyle, but additional efforts to treat the hair. The procedure itself is safe and useful if you get to an experienced master who will use high-quality keratin with 40% protein. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a bona fide and experienced master.

Operation - a test for the body

Many women notice that after the operation their hair begins to thin. This is a temporary phenomenon, because the operation - the strongest stress for the body. After surgery, all reserves are sent to restore immunity.

After anesthesia, the body will have some time to recover. Anesthesia is medicine that also harms the hair. With complex treatment, you can quickly correct the situation.

Alopecia cleansing

Do you see hair loss after washing your hair? The reason may be a rare wash. The less often you wash your hair, the more hairs just wait for physical impact in order to leave your place. Therefore, the only way out is to wash your hair more often.

Particles of skin, dust, lard clog pores, do not allow the hair follicles to breathe, as a result - weakening of the hair. If in a basin there are whole bunches, then this is already a disease.

Useful procedures

To strengthen the hair come to the aid of folk remedies.

  • Oil mask Rub burdock or castor oil into skin, then massage your head, put on a shower cap. After half an hour, wash the curls with warm water.
  • Egg yolk. Beat 2 yolks, rub well, after 30 minutes, rinse with broth with mint. The mask has been repeatedly tested. The hairstyle becomes voluminous, beautiful, especially with curly strands.
  • Nettle for rinsing. Pour 100 g of nettle leaves with 400 ml of vinegar 6% and 1.5 cups of water. Leave it to infuse for 5 hours, rinse your head with each wash.
  • Onion mask. Grate the onion, add 1 tbsp. l olive oil. Apply the mixture to the skin, hold for 15 minutes, put on a shower cap, cover with a towel and let stand for another quarter of an hour. To get rid of the smell of onions, rinse the strands with lemon water, pouring 2 spoons of lemon juice into the water.
  • "Burning" mask. Pepper tincture (1 part) mix with castor oil (2 parts). 1 hour before washing, cover the skin, cover yourself with a hat and a towel. Make a mask three times a week.

From personal experience. Rub salt into scalp before washing. First, there will be a lot of hair in the basin. Do not be scared! Soon the loss will stop!

Finally - do not lose hope to return the pomp, density of hair, use all available means, then the hairstyle will once again delight and decorate your image!

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