Choosing the perfect graduation suit for a guy

Hello everyone! The graduation party is approaching and the guys are worrying at least girls and what to wear? A graduation suit for a guy is the topic of our conversation.

Beginning of adult life

Graduation at school is not only fun, but also the beginning of adulthood. Therefore, the guys on this day want to be impressive, beautiful, adults.

In contrast to the girls' prom dresses, which they put on once or twice, men's clothing can be useful more than once. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a good expensive suit that will sit well. In it, you will go to the examinations at the institute, to award a diploma, even to your wedding.

Fashion trends

In 2017, the three-piece suit is back in fashion. Jacket and pants complements the elegant vest. This is very convenient, because during the dance you can take off your jacket, which does not disturb your rich, presentable appearance.

Pay attention to the classic costume. These are straight trousers, fitted jacket. Do you think it is dull and not fashionable? Designers made an unusual variety in them - a bright lining. The fashion trend is gray and lilac lining. In the classic are single breasted with a narrow collar, as well as double-breasted things.

Want to conquer the girls? Wear a coal or black tuxedo. This festive piece of clothing will look good in the glittering tones of beige and brown. Unusually fashionable to be blue coat.

A classic piece of clothing for the last bell is presented with a low-pitch style of trousers. Brave young men can choose such a crazy image.

Fashion designers have developed even bolder models, in which a patch on the elbows and trim the edges of the pocket of the same color, but very different from the color of the base material from which the clothes are sewn.

What colors will be in fashion:

  • White.
  • Blue.
  • Gray.
  • The color of the metal.

But a pure white jacket on the podiums, you will not find. They are effectively decorated with black edging. Choose a bold, stunning image, and all the girls will dance only with you.

The length of the trousers is very interesting, it will reach the ankles, and for the summer version - to the knees.

And here are the pants to the ankles - look original.

A shirt of purple or black color will help create a stylish and original image.

To emphasize the mysteriousness of the suit of a thick blue tone will help the shirt of white-pink or sky-blue hue. If you choose a milk suit, then wear a blue-tone shirt to him. You will be simply irresistible!

How to choose a tie

But the tie is worth paying close attention. This may be a butterfly or a regular tie. This wardrobe item completes your look.

You can choose it for any item of festive clothing. It is good if it is combined in color with a handkerchief that looks out of a breast pocket. If you choose a tuxedo or dress suit, then a butterfly would be the best option. Do you want to challenge the classic costume? Then your choice will fall on a trendy suit of chocolate color and a bright orange shirt.

But most often the tie is chosen according to the color of the skin or the eyes.

  • For the dark-skinned guys are best suited golden and burgundy shades.
  • Green-eyed and blue-eyed beauties try to emphasize the color of their eyes, opt for green and blue accessories.
  • The accessory in black color is suitable for all young men.

The answer to an important question

What to wear to a graduation guy besides a suit? Not all guys want to dress on a hot day, even in a very chic wardrobe item. In addition to the suit, you can wear just a shirt and tie. You can choose a shirt to match the color of the pants or a contrasting tone.

Designers have developed specially for the summer light youth wardrobe items with a print. The emphasis is on the checkered version. At the peak of popularity came monochrome trousers and a checkered jacket. This season, pay attention to slightly glittering fabrics.

We start the mechanism of success

What does it mean? If you are at a prom party you will feel confident, solid, elegant, it means that very soon success and good luck will come to you.

In recent years, the elegant style of London dandy has come into vogue. Immediately we warn you: it will suit the few, but if you dare to appear in front of classmates in this stunning image, then you will have success with the girls.

How to choose a graduation suit for a guy

Secrets when choosing a holiday outfit:

  1. Do not buy for growth and too cramped.
  2. Put the brush into a fist, the floor of the jacket should reach the brush.
  3. Sit down, stretch your arms forward, and you should not feel any discomfort.
  4. The classic length of the pants - to the middle of the heel, but modern fashion offers the length to the ankle. The choice is yours.
  5. In the midst of a party roll up your sleeves, unbutton your shirt collar, these actions will turn you into a real macho.
  6. The shirt should not shine through.

The question of choosing clothes for a guy is no less extensive than for a girl. Be bold and you will succeed in life. Have a nice evening!

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