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Reasonable food

Pasta Marinara - raw food recipe

Marinara (Italian. Marinara, lit. seaman's sauce) - Italian sauce, prepared from tomatoes, garlic, spicy herbs (eg basil) and onions. There are different variations of the sauce recipe, where capers, olives and flavors are added. Read more - uncooked sprouted lentil lobio Traditional Italian cuisine involves adding marinara to pasta, rice, seafood and pizza.
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How to restore muscle: home self-massage

Hi guys and girls. If you play sports, then you probably know the feeling when almost every muscle in the body hurts, when fatigue just floods you from the bottom up. And this article is just about how to restore muscles using homemade self-massage. This method is suitable not only for the trainees, but also for all who find it important to stretch the whole body.
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Folk recipes

How To Take Walnut Oil With Health Benefits

Hello. The fruits of walnut have a powerful healing power, which was known to the ancient inhabitants of the planet. They called it the fruit of Wisdom. Modern people also need to know how to take walnut oil in order to be wise, smart and healthy. The fruit is similar to the human brain. In Russia, this nut was brought from Greece more than a thousand years ago, so it was given the name - walnut.
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Strawberry care after harvest: what to do, how to feed and trim

Hello, dear gardeners! It's time to harvest strawberries. In order for this berry to retain its qualities, give a bountiful harvest further, it is necessary to properly care for the strawberries after harvest. Today we will talk about it. Features of care After harvesting Victoria bushes need special care, if you also want to regale on juicy fruits in the future.
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Fitness at home

10 yoga exercises that show your weak points

Hello friends. Surely you have seen these pictures with tests in social networks. Those who practice yoga, alone or in a group, have probably learned many asanas - yoga exercises. Maybe even know the full version of the performance of a particular position. And they know that these exercises are far from simple. But for those who have not yet reached yoga, I suggest to pass a sort of test for yoga fitness.
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